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Be Our Shining Light

WE need electricity to the kennels.
It gets so dark here so early and we do not have lighting in 2/3 of our kennels, this makes going out at night very difficult. Returning dogs after adoption shows is very difficult. We stumble about in the dark a lot. One kind electrician has installed a light for us, but we need more.

Can you help us get into the 21st century?

We will pay for the materials if you are an electrician and will install it. If you know how to get it donated, even better, we are a 501(c3) non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

Talk to us, please....we need light !

We are currently having $5000 worth of new septic added, so we will be paying this bill for a long time, but it will be nicer here.

If you can install (or provide) working windows - that would be a big help, too...and make things a bit "airier" around here.




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