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MADISON, Mixed breed, Female
Madison is growing up! Still don't know what breed she is, but she certainly is cute!
Here's what her mom has to say:

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Madison  She's a brat, but she's doing well.  You can see the guilt on her face in this picture...I think she just got done chewing up my malibu lights!!  But she is growing fast.


Murphy, the Deaf Sheep Dog
Update: 12/06
Murphy is doing well in his new home - and is learning to be an agility dog!
Read about Murphy's New Life...

FLUFFY, Tibetan Terrier Mix, Female
Update: 07/06
We have re-named "Fluffy", "Daisy." She is getting along wonderfully with everyone including our three legged cat, "Sweet Pea."



Ladybug, Lurcher Puppy, Female
Ladybug is one of the famous lurcher puppies.
Read about Lady bug's new life...

SISTER ONE, Doxie Mix, Female
Sister One is a doxie mix - maybe terrier, mostly doxie. She is 1 year old, and standard sized. She has a great new home - and a real name: Gracie.
Read about Gracie's new life...

TWO TONE, Doxie x Chihuahua, Male
TWO TONE is a one-year old doxie mix, but we are clueless what he is mixed with, possible Chihuahua, which would make him a Chiweenie. Two-tone was adopted by a volunteer from Hearts and Paws for therapy work. From the shelter to the hospice, what a remarkable journey

Linus is a brindle with white markings. He is the largest of the males.

Read about Linus' new life...

DEE DEE, Chiweenie, Female
Dee is the littermate of Bee Bee, and very much the same. Same temperment, and appearance. Just as sweet and loving. Dee Dee also has a new home!

Read about Dee Dee's new life...

Tio, Llhasa Apso, Male
Tio came to us with a horrible hair cut. The good news is that it will grow out - and that he has a great new home.

Read about Tio's new life...

MOLLY & Mason , English Springer Spaniels
Molly and her brother Mason are purebred English Springer Spaniels. They were sent away because they killed a neighbor's chicken. PEOPLE: these are bird dogs. D'oh!

Read about Molly and Mason's new life...

MUFFIN, Terrier X Chihihua mix, Female
Honey - I shrunk the Lab!
Little Muffin looks like the tiniest yellow Lab in the world. She is a mix of a couple of small breeds, and is very sweet. Young and playful and also a cuddler. How cute is this? Muffin now has a happy home to call her own!

Read about Muffin's adoption...

AVION, Great Pyrenees, Male
Avion is a young adult male Great Pyrenees
found in a shelter, little is known about this handsome dog other than he is friendly, sweet, needs grooming and is a little thin. He arrived with his friend BASCO. Avion now has a great home.

Read about Avion's New home (11/05)...

Learn more about the Great Pyrenees...

Bubbles, Sheepdog/Terrier, Male
Bubbles is a big baby. He will be a large dog when he is grown, but he is a cute little guy right now. He is about 5 months old and is a sheepdog X terrier cross. His fur is very soft, and his face is very cute. Bubbles has a great new home in Minnesota!

See updates for Bubbles (11/05)...

PATTY, Whippet X Terrier, Female
I am an 18 month old Whippet X Terrier mix. I was sold in a newspaper ad. My new owners changed their minds. At this age, I have already had two litters of puppies which were also sold. I am VERY sweet and loving. I get along with other dogs, and am very gentle. I have a new home, and a new name.
Read my success story...

Lilith, Bloodhound Cross, Female
Lilith is about six years old. She is friendly and she wants out of here. She looks longingly through the gates. Here is Lilith going home with her new Mom - Thank you for adopting this older dog - she's a gem!

ACE, Laborador Retriever, Male
Here's a photo of Ace - now called Jack - with his new mom coming to visit. Don't I look handsome now! A little tlc and these dogs can bloom into true gems!

Ginger, Retriever/Shepherd cross, Female
Ginger has been named by us. She is VERY pretty and sweet natured. She likes everyone and is the first dog in the kennel to say "Hey..some look at me over here!" Ginger calls everyone over to her, and smiles. We call her "Jumpin Jane" because she is so active and friendly. Now Ginger has someone to play with.
Good luck to you both!

BEEP, Beagle Cross, Male
Beep was sent to the shelter by a motorist who hit him in the street. He was transferred here. He has a slightly fractured pelvis and is recovering nicely. Good luck to this great, generous hearted family. We are sure that Beep will be recovering completely with his new mom and dad and kids as well as his new canine companions. Have a good life, all of you

APPLE VALLEY ED, Basset Hound, Male
Update: My name is Randy Warner and my fiance (Sandra Casillas) adopted a basset from you in May named Apple Valley Ed. He was 21 lbs under weight but the vet said he was an otherwise very healthy 3 year old bassett. I noticed you had his picture in Sucess Stories but no info. We call him Fred, as in Mertz. He lives with us in rancho Cucamonga and runs the house. He has claimed the love seat as his own and sleeps on it every night. Currently Fred weighs about 60lbs and is very muscular, twice daily walks will do that. He was on our x-mas and valentines card. He has all the bassett qualities, especially the stubborness. He is very very affectionate and way too intelligent. I can not imagine our lives without him. Hopefully we will be able to help the kennel soon so that others can find what we have found.


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