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Success Stories


Here are our dogs who have found new homes.

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KATYBUG, Chihuahua Mix, Female
Miss Bug is small, cute and sweet. She would make a wonderful companion for someone with size restrictions. She came from a shelter and little is known about her other than she was out of time. Katie bug now has a great new home.

LIZZIE, Terrier/Scottie mix, Female
Lizzie is a young adult Terrier mix. She is loving, friendly, gets along with other dogs, and she can dig out under a wooden fence! She would be best in a yard with a block wall. She loves kids and is playful. Lizzie would be spectacular in an obedience class, she will make you proud. She's cute, about 30 lbs and has grizzly dark hair and a great smile. She is spayed, current on her shots and microchipped. Lizzie now has a home of her own!

AVION, Great Pyrenees, Male
Avion is a young adult male Great Pyrenees
found in a shelter, little is known about this handsome dog other than he is friendly, sweet, needs grooming and is a little thin. He arrived with his friend BASCO. Avion now has a great home.

Read about Avion's New home...

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TRAVELER, Great Pyrenees, Male
Traveler is a young adult male Great Pyrenees. What a face! He is a very sweet dog. Little is known about his dog, other than he is friendly. He also arrived from a shelter. He is a cutie, and large. Traveler has a wonderful new home.

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SKYLAR, Poodle Mix, Male
Skylar came from a shelter and he has been clipped down terribly. His hair will grow in nicely, however and in no time at all he will be a handsome fluffy guy. He is nicely tempermented, about 10 lbs, and has quite a short tail. He is sweet, and likes attention...especially from his new family!

Cody, Pekinese Cross, Male
Little Cody is about 18 months old. He is social and gets along fairly well with other dogs, he can be argumenative with other males. He's still a boy, you know. He is about 9 lbs and is curious and friendly. He does have a bark, so be warned ,if you don't want your neighbors to know he is there, he will let them know for sure. A great watch dog for someone with space restrictions. Cody has a great new home.

Bruce, German Shepherd, Male
Bruce is a three year old male adult purebred German Shephard. He is a transfer from a shelter out in the desert. which wanted to see him get a chance. He looks a little older than his three years, he has worn down some teeth chewing on metal probably. He has been confined, his ear tips have been damaged by fly bites. Clearly this guy has been neglected. He is nicely tempered. Bruce now has a great home.

MOONIE, Heeler, Male
Moonie is a very handsome, compact smallish heeler. He came from Tehachapi. He is a fine dog and now has a great home.

Scamp, Chihuahua Mix, Male
What a cute little guy! he is a Doxie X Chihihua or a Chiweenie. Scamp is a young adult neutered male who LOVES people and does NOT like to share his space with other dogs...which is just fine with his new family.

BLUE, Weimereiner, Female
I am a female young adult Weimereiner who has had a litter of puppies recently. My puppies were for sale but my owners gave me away. I am young, friendly and active. I would love to have a family of my own...and hey, now I do!

DOTT, Australian Shepherd Mix, Female
Dott is 6-months old, friendly, rambunctious, and full of energy. She desperately needs a family, a fenced yard, and something to occupy her time. This is a breed with boundless energy, and intelligent, they learn quickly and excel at tricks. Dott now has a great home.

Bubba, Boxer, Male
Not really a doofus, but a young Boxer boy who is still a pup at 18 mos. This is a slow maturing breed. Friendly, handsome and he gets along with other dogs, and has lived with a small one. He LOVES kids, he loves to play, and his favortie game is cat chasing..oops. This is a freindly, loving, and very loyal breed. Bubba is now having lots of fun with his new family.

Baby Alice, Treeing Walker Coonhound
Alice is about 6 months old and as sweet as a dog can be. She is a purebred Coonhound which make very nice pets. She has basically been ignored, so she is learning a lot right now, starting with walking on a leash. She likes other dogs, is a little shy, but warms up once she gets to know you, and she is VERY sweet. This would be a good family dog for kids, and as a youngster, she needs time and attention.
Got room in your fenced yard and in your heart for a sweet young girl? She has a lot to learn and a lot to give.

DECOY, Labrador Mix, Male
This 10 week old puppy Laborador mix female looks and acts beyond her age. Possibly because she grew up quickly, she was dumped and spent three days hiding out in a garage before she was brought here. She is friendly, healthy, very playful and will be a wonderful pet for her new family.

Stevie, Chinese Crested, Male
Little Stevie is a purebred Chinese Crested Powderpuff who is just about a year old.
He is a juvenile deliquent who has not had much training and who will bite children. Stevie now has a new home with someone who will train him.

Save A Spot 4me, Great Dane Mix, Female
This big cutie is a Great Dane mixed baby. At 9-10 weeks she is already big ! She is well mannered, easygoing, silly, and very loving. She is a baby and now has a loving forever home.

Snowpaws, Welsh Cardigan Corgi, Male
This is a wonderfully sweet tempermented Welsh Cardigan Corgi. A perfect family dog and would be a wonderful companion for kids. He is very gentle, patient,and quiet. Snowpaws is aptly named because his four white feet look like he has just stepped in something white. Snowpaws is now the top dog in his new family!

BASCO, Great Pyrenees, Male
Basco is a young adult male Great Pyrenees found in a shelter, little is known about this handsome dog other than he is friendly, sweet, needs grooming and is a little thin. Basco now has a great new home!

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CRACKERS, German Shepherd, Male
This handsome 14 week old White German Shepherd puppy is adorable. He is loving, active, friendly, playful and all around great ! We fell in love with him immediately when we found him at a shelter. Everyone who has gone near him has liked this guy and he feels the same. Crackers is now with a great new family!

TIA, Lhasa Apso/Poodle , Female
Young adult female Lhasa Apso / Poodle mix. Her hair has been clipped down, but it will soon grow out nicely. She was found at a shelter and likes people and other dogs. She is friendly and playful. She weighs about 18 lbs.

KARI, Shetland Sheepdog, Female
My name is Kari and I am a female 4 month old registered, purebred Sheltland Sheepdog. I was born out of state and went to a pet shop. My new owner is allergic to me so I am once again traveling. A lot of moving around for such a young girl. I am a puppy, so I need time ,attention and training. My adult fur has not come in yet, but I will be beautiful. I am very happy in my nice new home!

BUSTER, Border Collie Mix, Female
Buster is a young adult female Border collie mix. Cute, cute, cute...this Border Collie mix is adorable. She gets along with other dogs and like people. Friendly, active and just plain nice, she would make a wonderful family pet. She is medium sized, intelligent, of course, and sweet as can be. Buster now has a great new home.

RABBIT, American Foxhound, Male
Handsome young Rabbit is an American Foxhound. He is stately, tall and very, very nice. He is similar in temperment to a Beagle. He is a very classic dog. Foxhounds, like most scenthounds, have a loud bark, and they like to have a lot of activity. This dog would probably be a good dog for older active children. Leash walking will make him very happy...wich is what his new family plans to do!

Olle Olleson, Norwegian Elkhound, Male
Ole is an adult male purebred Norwegian Elkhound who has had too much to eat and clearly NOT enough exercise, he is a fatty. He is on a diet, but he could use some leashwalking time. He is not at all aggressive and is a sweet guy, just overlooked because of his weight. Fortunately, his new family doesn't mind the diet - and promises to help him lose the extra pounds. Best of luck to you both.

Angus, Chihuahua, Male
Angus just had a bath and really was enjoying being held, so we photographed him as a baby. This small chihihua boy is VERY sweet., very loving. He now has a great new home.

TUNDRA, Husky Mix, Female
This beautiful young lady came to us as a German Shepherd, but she is really a Husky mix. She is small boned and will not be a large dog. She is VERY loving and gets along with other dogs. Tundy now has a great new home.

SIMBA, Pomeranian, Male
Simba is a six year-old adult male Pomeranian. He found a very heavy dog toy and was lugging it around until we took it away and gave him a fuzzy ball. he carries this green ball all over the place. As you might guess, Simba likes toys. Simba is friendly, and gets along with other dogs. He has an underbite which makes him look like a "tough guy"...which he's not. Simba now has a great new home.

Cindy Lu, Harrier, Female
Cindy Lu is large-boned hound. She is a young adult that has recently had a litter of pups. She came to us from Central California. She is a little shy but when she warms up to you she is very sweet. She is a very nice dog, and very quiet for a hound. She is beautiful and does not appear to be dog agressive at all. She REALLY wants to be in the company of humans. A fenced yard, an active family and someone who would love to have a dog to train, and to love would be what this girl dreams about.

Cindy's now living the good life in Tucson!

SPARKY, Poodle, Male
Sparky is a 4 year old neutered toy poodle. He gets along with other dogs, and like people a lot. He is a sweet boy with a wonderful face and very black eyes. His mom and dad no longer had time to spend with this boy. Sparky has a great new home.

MANDY, Terrier/Pom Mix, Female
Very small (about 8 lbs), Mandy is a terrier mix of possible pom or long haired Chihuahua or Pekinese. She is very sweet, gets along with other dogs. Mandy has a great new home.


Peachy, Mixed Breed, Female
This is Peachy.  She is a GREAT dog.  She is probably one of the smartest, friendliest dogs we have ever had.  She is a heeler or cattle dog cross and about 5 years old. We are happy to say that Peachy now has a home to call her own!

Puggy Boy, Pug Mix, Male
This youngster is about 7 months old and a pug x chihihua cross with a nice attitude. He is small, sweeet and friendly. He was adopted as a young pup and returned recently when a lifestyle changed. Little puggy boy now has a great new home...and we hope it "sticks."

Chuggy Girl, Pug Mix, Female
This small cutie is a mix of Pug and Chihhihua. She is barely a year old. She is sweet, friendly, gets along with other dogs and is a wonderful addition to her new home!

DeeDee, Beagle Mix, Female
DeeDee is named after the shelter she was found in...along with her three newborn pups. Terrified and growling, once she realied she was safe ad her pups were also, she has turned into a sweet girl - who gives nice kisses. She is still a little shy, but she will not bite. She is a Beagle mix and is smaller than a Beagle. We like this little girl...and so does her new family.

BIG WHITE BOY, Great Pyrenees, Male
Biggie is a very nicely tempered young adult dog. He is a beautiful and very nice dog. Biggie now has a great new home.

LITTLE GUS, Dachshund Mix, Male
Little Gus is a young adult Doxie X Chihihua. This guy is full of himself, and fun! He is busy and gets along with other dogs. Gus now has a great new home.

ROXANNE, Norwich Terrier, Female
Roxanne is adorable! She's little, scruffy, personable, friendly and loves to be held and cuddled and talked to...which she will be in her new home.

SMOOCHY, Poodle-Mix, Male
Smoochy is one of the SWEETEST dogs ever! He loves everyone. He is a terrible watchdog...but a good kisser. He is a superb hugger...and we're sure he'll be hugging everyone in his new family!

All of the Dalmation puppies found new homes.


PUNKIN, Sharpei/Lab Cross, Female
Punkin is a 4 1/2 month old puppy. She was actually found deposited in a dumpster. What a nasty way to start out an innocent life, but how lucky she was fished out! Punkin was bailed out of the shelter she was in by Greyhound Adoption and sent to us. Now Punkin has a great home. Best of luck to you both!

Danny, St. Bernard, Male
Danny is a two year old male Saint. He came from a shelter in central California and there is little information on him. He is friendly and likes people. He is very trainable. He is not overwhelming. He appears to be past his puppy sillies. Danny is a smooth coated dog. Very beautiful. Best of luck to Danny and his new family.

SEBASTIAN, St. Bernard, Male
Stunning one year old purebred Saint Bernard male. he is friendly and likes people...especially his new family!


Ben, Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard, Male
BEN is about 18 mos to 2 years old. He appears to be pretty gentle. We have poked, prodded, given him shots, inspected his ears and teeth, given him a bath,and clipped toenails. He has not responded adversly to any handling. He does not appear to be nervous or dog agressive. We do not know if he has ever been around young children. He's a pretty nice boy. He will need grooming and training, and a knowledge of these breeds is essential.

Merry, Ausie/Kelpie Mix, Female
MERRY is a young Aussie X Kelpie mix who arrived here under the disguise of a puppy German Shepherd. She is about one year old and has had little training. She is eager to please, however and really likes people a lot. She has an eternally cheerful disposition...which her new family appreciates!

Kui, Kuvasz, Female
Kui is precious! She is a VERY young female Kuvasz. She is extremely sweet and innocent. She is just learning to walk on a leash. The Kuvasz is a guard breed, they are intelligent and respond well to training. Kui will be living the good life with her new family in Washington.

Learn more about the Kuvasz...

BUICK, Dogue de Bordeaux, Male
What would YOU name a dog this big and blocky? He looks like a big old primered that's what we call him. Buick is deceptively serious in this photo. He is usually smiling, holding someone's arm softly in his big mouth or begging for attention. Buick now has a great new home.
More information about the Dogue de Bordeaux...

Brutus, Boxer, Male
BRUTUS is a two year old neutered male purebred Boxer. At this age he is coming out the "other side" of his terrible puppyhood. Puppy Boxers can really be a handful! He is mellow and sweet and loving. Brutus now has a great new home.

RUSTY, Terrier, Male
Rusty is an adult male terrier. About 12-14 lbs., he is a little guy - and will stay that way. Like most "pound puppies" little is known about him other than he is friendly...which is ok with his new family.

ZACHARY, St. Bernard, Male
This big boy is under one year old and has a smooth coat and does not drool. He sits when asked and unfortunately, someone has taught him to offer his huge paw...they forgot to teach him to stop...He is very sweet and silly, and REALLY wants to please. This is great for both Zach and his new family.


Journey, Pomeranian, Male
Journey is a young adult purebred Pomeranian whom not much is known about. He arrived in such poor coat condition, that he was shaved down revealing a scar on his spine from some possible past surgery. Journey has a great new home.

MAC, West Highland Terrier, Male
Mac is a very young adult male West Highland White Terrier also known as a "Westie." One of a number of pups removed from a "puppy mill" and was placed with an older couple who undererestimated the energy of a young Terrier. Mac is now at Westie rescue.

Baby Boy, Maltipoo, Male
This boy is only about 12 weeks old and already has had a hard life. Purchased from a "hobby" breeder, and without innoculations, he has already had parvo. Thousands of dollars later, his immune system was so compromised by the illness which he recovered from, that he got a full blown case of mange. This guy now has a great new home.

BABYSTEPS, Walker Coonhound, Female
Baby is a 6 month old very friendly baby girl. She loves playing, is sweet as she can be and loves other dogs. She is a youngster, and will have many happy years with her new family.

Lilith, Bloodhound Cross, Female
Lilith is about six years old. She is friendly and she wants out of here. She looks longingly through the gates. Here is Lilith going home with her new Mom - Thank you for adopting this older dog - she's a gem!

Norma Jean, Norwegian Elkhound, Female
Norma Jean Johanson is a friendly, beautiful adult female Norwegian Elkhound. She likes other dogs and people. She didn't think she likes being on a table for photos so she did not photograph as pretty as she is. She's a nice dog. Fenced yard needed. We do not know if she has lived with very young children or cats. She seems to like eveyone who she meets, however.

DAISY MAE, Terri-Poo, Female
Daisy Mae is a very friendly young female TerriPoo who has been clipped down due to neglect. She DOES have an ultra deluxe fluffy tail, and a very sweet disposition as well as a great new home.

CHEWY, Lab Mix, Male
This name comes from Star Wars, this is not a destructive dog. He is possibly a lab mix, He is good natured, has been well treated by a loving owner, who is no longer able to keep him. He now has a great new family.

Kiko, Mystery Mix, Male
WHAT IS THIS DOG? We are not sure, he might be a Heeler mix or a cattle dog mix. He might be a Basenji mix, and he for sure is cute. He is a mixed-breed medium sized, well muscled, handsome young dog. Best of luck to you and your new family.

ACE, Laborador Retriever, Male
Here's a photo of Ace - now called Jack - with his new mom coming to visit. Don't I look handsome now! A little tlc and these dogs can bloom into true gems!

Meggie, Chihuahua/Terrier Cross, Female
Megg is is very serious. She looks like a doggie librarian. She is a 5 year old Chihuahua Terrier mix of some sort. Meggie is loving and cute. Meggie now has a great new home.

JACK, Chihuahua Cross, Male
Jack is an adult male Chihuahua cross. Cute and sassy, Jack was out of time at the shelter. Jack has a great new home!

Pixie, Chihuahua, Female
PIXIE is an absolutely adorable young adult female chihihua. She is only about 4-5 lbs. She is very sweet. She is small enough to need protection from hawks and big dogs...which won't be a problem in her new home.

Chiweenie Pups: May 30
All the Chiweenies have been adopted!

Silver Poodle Boy, Poodle, Male
A VERY SWEET, very affectionate young male purebred silver poodle. He arrived terribly matted and grubby ad we guessed his color wrong. How pretty he is groomed. This boy now has a great new home.

Bubbles, Sheepdog/Terrier, Male
Bubbles is a big baby. He will be a large dog when he is grown, but he is a cute little guy right now. He is about 5 months old and is a sheepdog X terrier cross. His fur is very soft, and his face is very cute. Bubbles has a great new home in Minnesota!

See updates for Bubbles (11/05)...

Duncan, German Shepherd, Male
Duncan is a VERY large male German Shepherd who is going to be 7 years old this summer. He was flown to us in a private plane from Placer County when his time at the shelter came up. The shelter employees loved this dog so much they actually paid to fly him to us. Duncan now has a great new home!

Deus, Mixed Breed, Female
Deus is a mostly laborador type of mixed breed dog; she is not a pit bull cross. She has just been spayed and is current on her shots and microchipped. She now has a great new family!

Little Bill, Chihuahua Mix, Male
Little Bill is a Chihihua X Doxie male 1 year old and weighs in a 8 lbs. Cute, sweet, loveable and gets along with other dogs. Pulled out of a shelter...looking for love in his new home.

KONA, German Shepherd, Female
Kona is a spectacular purebred./registered long haired German Shephard female. She is soon to be three years old. Her parents moved to Georgia. She has been well treated, and is very sweet. She has been around kids,and cats...but doesn't like other dogs. Which is just fine with her new family!

BETTY, German Shepherd Mix, Female
Sweet Betty is a German Shephard mix with a medium coat. She is less than a year old. She has turned into a very sweet, submissive and loving young dog. Betty needs attention and training but she is not rambunctious in nature and prefers the laid back life. Best of luck in your new home, Betty!

Puggy Su , Pug mix. Female
Puggy Sue arrived here with a surprise....she had a litter of little puppies shortly after she got here.She is jet black, very puggy looking face, short legs, and slightly long body, she is probably mixed with Doxie. She is about 14 lbs. She has nice manners and is quite smart, she usually does not have to be told anything twice...which will work out well in her new home!

BABY Girl, Dachshund, Female
Unusual in rescue, this is a 9 week old female Longhaired Standard Doxie. Best of luck to you in your new home, baby!

MOLLIE, IG/Terrier Mix, Female
Mollie is a young adult female Italian Greyhound X Terrier mix. She is cute, and friendly and playful. She would make a good dog for a family with slightly older children, and she appears to get along with other dogs. Good luck in your new home!

DOTTY, Dalmation, Female
Dotty is a young adult female purebred Dalmation. She is a nice dog, she is obviously housebroken. She lets you know when she wants to go outside. She appears to have a nice temperment. Best of luck to you in your new home, Dotty!

Richie, Spaniel Mix, Male
Richie is a young male mixed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was hit by a car. He has recovered well, and is full of energy, and silly as can be. He is very friendly and would make a good pet for a home with children, as well as a great companion for an active older adult with size restrictions. He is still very young, about 10 months. Now Richie has a great new home.

OREO, Terrier Mix, Male
Little Oreo is probably a lab/terrier mix. He was found at 9 weeks old, with a brother, walking along railroad tracks. Hey kids, you'e too young to be out on your own. He's a cutie, and sweet. Best of luck to you in your new home!

Bunnie, Chihuahua/Doxie mix, Female
Bunnie is a young adult Chiweenie: a Chihihua and Doxie mix. She is very small, about 8 lbs. She has a litter of 4 week old puppies and when they are weaned, she will be spayed and going to her new forever home!

Bunnie in her basket

Sounder, Beagle, Male
Sounder is a handsome young adult male purebred Beagle. Likes people, other dogs, and is over all agreeable. We do not know if he has been around very young children or cats. He's a nicely tempered dog. Full of spirit and energy, he's looking for a family to entertain and a nice fenced yard to spend time in. He gets along with other dogs. He also has not done a lot of extra barking while he has been with us. He is neutered and ready to roll on to his new home!

JADE, Saluki/Whippet Cross, Female
Jade is a very young adult female
Saluki/Whippet cross. Jade is silly, wiggly, giggly and VERY loving. She gets along with other dogs. She has a delightfully upbeat temperment, always smiling, and would be good with kids. Good luck in your new forever home!

WHITNEY, Terrier/Chi Mix, Female
Whitney is a small female terrier x chihihua. Most suitable for an adult home since she is an adult and a little shy. She is friendly and likes people, she loves to be held. Best of luck to you in your new home!

Bella, Chihuahua Mix, Female
Bella came to us from a shelter in central California. Not much is known about her other than she is a sweetie. She is a little shy so she would be a better dog for adults than little children. Best of luck in your new home!

Jasmin and Ruthanne, Chihuahua x, Female
These little girls (about 9 lbs) were left on the doorstep of our groomer with a note that had their birthdate and asking for her to take care of them. They are about 3 years old. They were very frightened but they are gentle and sweet. Best of luck to you and your new family.

ZEEKE, German Shepherd, Male
Zeeke is a REAL German Shepherd dog. He is 7 months old and was abandoned at a veterinarian's office. He has charmed the staff into keeping him here. He's loving, friendly and smart. Zeeke will be a wonderful dog to train. This is a first class Shepherd. He does have an overbite which makes his nose look even pointier. Other than that this is a gorgeous boy! He will be big. Have fun protecting your new family, Zeke!


Onya, Labrador Retriever Mix, Female
ONYA is a 5 month old Chocolate Lab probably pointer mix. She is VERY loving, her name ONYA comes from wanting to be "on ya". She loves to touch people and follow them around. Look at her photo, she is touching someone's leg. She will be a wonderful kid's dog. A friendly, pretty young girl who now has a loving forever home.

BOGIE, Toy Poodle, Male
Bogie is a young adult male toy Poodle. He's a real poodle, he just has not been cared for in awhile. This precious guy needs a bath and a clip, but has not yet been groomed because he has a cut on his tail which is healing. When he is ready, we will have him groomed up all fancy and ready to go home to his new family!

Sissy, Standard Dachshund, Female
Sissy is a purebred, red long haired STANDARD (around 25- 30 lbs), Dachshund lady. She is 6 years old. She comes up to you when you are seated and puts her beautiful head on your lap. She is extraordinarily beautiful, and very charming. Sissy now has a great new home.

PRECIOUS, Cattledog cross, Female
Very young adultish female cattledog cross.
Sweet faced and good natured, Precious is just waiting for her life to start...and it will with her new family.


Daisy, Labrador Mix, Female
Daisy is a small, young female lab mix.
We went to the desert to pick up some dogs that needed homes and Daisy simply jumped, uninvited, into our van. Cute and smart, Daisy has a great new home.

Yoko, Carolina Singing Dog, Female
Yoko is a very young adult female mix.
She appears to be nicely tempermented. She does not have a tail. She is small, has no tail, and she YODELS...which is just fine with her new family.

Yoko's Son, Carolina Singing Dog, Male
This pup, along with his mom,Yoko and two little brothers were left int he night drop of a local shelter when they were newborns. Yoko's son now has a great new home. Happy singing!

BABY Boy, Dachshund, Male
Our baby boy doxie pup has a great new home.

Banjo, Pomeranian, Male
This beautiful purebred Pomeranian has not been adopted because he is bigger than people want Poms to be these day...but that's ok with his new family. Have fun with your "super-sized" new family member!

ROCCO, Bassett Hound, Male
ROCCO is a 13 month old purebred Bassett Hound who was the victim of a new apartment manager. Rocco now has a great new home...without an apartment manager.

ZEUS, Cairn Terrier Mix, Male
Zeus is a cute little young adult male. He gets along with other dogs, and likes people. What more could you ask? "Nothing at all, " says his happy new family!

MARLA, German Shepherd Cross, Female
Marla is a young female German Shephard mix. She is friendly, likes people and dogs and is now going to a great new home.

HUNTER Walter Coonhound Mix, Female
Morgan, Walker Coon Hound, Male

Little Hunter and Morgan were adopted together. Here's a photo of the happy Dad, Todd taking them home to meet the kids and mom at home. We wish you all a Happy Houndy good time

PARIS, Poodle, Female
Paris is a very young adult female Poodle. She is bigger than a mini and smaller than a standard. She is VERY sweet. She has a new home in Washington state.

WHISKEY, Rottweiler, Male
Whiskey is a young, neutered rottweiler. He is friendly, well behaved, started in obedience. Has been around kids, and livestock. Whiskey now has a great new family.

TARGET, German Shepherd, Male
Target is a young adult male GSD. This is the real deal. Target is young, sweet, intelligent and now has a great new family.

Bravo, German Shepherd Mix, Male "Hooray" the crowd shouts as this young (no more than 10 mos) German Shephard mixed with some Husky, learns trick after trick.  What an impressive temperment this wonderfully handsome, extremely gentle and basically "bombproof" dog  has.  This guy is a real find.  He like everyone, including kids, and his great new family!

Chaco, Terrier cross, Male
Chaco is a young adult male Terrier cross. He is
a chocolate-coated, friendly young adult dog with sweet temperment who now has a great new home.

Larry, Lhasa Apso, Male
LARRY is a young adult male Lhasa Apso. Nicely tempermented, he gets along with other dogs. Larry has been clipped down because of matts. He'll grow out a nice full coat at his new home.

FREDDIE, German Shepherd, Female
Freddie is an adult female German Shepherd. She is very large for a girl and particularly sweet, loving a friendly to people. Freddie now has a great chicken-free home where she can be the queen of the roost. Best wishes for you and your new family!

Frosty, Saint Bernard, Male
FROSTY is an 8 month-old AKC purebred Saint Bernard. He is a puppy, so he needs a home that can give him attention, training, and lots of love. A knowledge of this Giant breed is important. This is sweet natured boy who has been well cared for and loves everyone. He has been with children. Frosty now has a great new home.

BEAU, German Shepherd, Male
BEAU is a very large, 2 year old male German Shepherd. Beau was taken from a shelter on his last day. His owner moved. He is sweet, spectacullar looking, and gets along well with other dogs, (although we always suggest that you have a female/male mix with shephards). He likes people and now has a family of his own to guard and protect.

WALLFLOWER, Terrier Cross, Female
Wallflower is a 1 year old female Terrier cross, most likely a Chihuahua mix. This shy and sweet young lady arrived from the shelter with three, one day old puppies. She is a good mom and now that her puppies are all in new homes, she has a new family of her own.


POOKIE, Toy Poodle, Male
Pookie is a 4 year old grey and white male parti poodle toy. Friendly, and cute - Pookie has a great new home.

KANSAS CITY KIDD, Cairn Terrier, Male
KC is perhaps a year old, he was 10 months when he arrived here. He is a cute little terrier mix...who has a great new home.

Wilson, Wheaton Terrier, Male
Wilson is a young adult. He is cute, active and ready to do your bidding. Teach this one tricks, he's ready...which is good because he has a great new home!

Alfie, Yorkshire Terrier, Male
Alfie is a young tiny adult Yorkie who weighs about 5 lbs. He is friendly and cute. Alfie now has a new family.

Little Linda, Terrier x Chihihua Female
Absolutely Adorable and very sweet, a little shy till she gets to know you. Now, Linda will be getting acquainted with her new family.

sweet little MONK, Chihuahua Cross, Male
Monk is a young adult male Chihuahua cross. Summer is a bad time to be in a city shelter, Monk had used up his time in that place...but now he has a great new home to hang out in.

Little Black, Pomeranian, Female
LB is a 7 year old female purebred Pom. Nicely tempermented, LB now has a loving adult home.

BLONDIE, Golden Retriever Mix, Female
Young Blondie was born at this kennel, she came inside a rescue dog, as a little surprise bonus. Blondie now has a great new home.

LITTLE PERCY, Chihuahua Mix, Male
Percy is a male Chihuahua X Terrier, solid brindle. He is about 10 mos old. Just stunning to look at. He is sweet, loving, came to us as shy. We haven't found that to be true - he was probably just frightened. Percy is the first one up to your ankles...pick me! pick me! ...and someone did! Good luck in your new home, Percy.

NANDO Chihuahua X Terrier, Male
Nando is about 10 mos old and weighs in a 8 lbs. He is named after the office who brought him to us. There are not many this cute ! Long legs, scruffy white fur, and an engaging temperment. kiss,'ll want to hold this little guy all day ! He's a favorite....and his new family thinks so, too!

MORENO, Chihuahua Mix, Male
Moreno is a young adult male CHI X TERR smooth coat. Very sweet, very loving little dog about 9 lbs. He gets along with other dogs. Moreno has a great new home.

FLAME, Chihuahua, Male
Flame is a young, long-haired, male Chihuahua. VERY sweet, much prettier than this photo and oh-so-red! Adorable dog. He gets along with other dogs. Flame is now burning up his new wishes to you and your "hot" new family!

SUNSHINE, Pomeranian, Female
Sunshine is a female adult Pomeranian. She is not a tiny Pom. She is about 14 lbs and very cute and friendly. She gets along with other dogs. What a sweet, silly girl.

Victor, Dachshund, Male
Victor is a 16 week old purebred "tweenie" Doxie. He is a red dapple long hair. Tweenie means that he will be larger than a mini and smaller than a standard.

Victor now has a great new home...and that's something to wink about!

Ginger, Retriever/Shepherd cross, Female
Ginger has been named by us. She is VERY pretty and sweet natured. She likes everyone and is the first dog in the kennel to say "Hey..some look at me over here!" Ginger calls everyone over to her, and smiles. We call her "Jumpin Jane" because she is so active and friendly. Now Ginger has someone to play with.
Good luck to you both!

Casper, Poodle/Bichon, Male
Casper is a very young poodle/bichon cross. His birthday was in January. Handsome and with good house manners, now Casper has a home to practice them in.

BEEP, Beagle Cross, Male
Beep was sent to the shelter by a motorist who hit him in the street. He was transferred here. He has a slightly fractured pelvis and is recovering nicely. Good luck to this great, generous hearted family. We are sure that Beep will be recovering completely with his new mom and dad and kids as well as his new canine companions. Have a good life, all of you

BISCUIT, Labrador Retriever, Female
Biscuit is a 5 year old purebred yellow Lab. She's a pretty mellow girl, and she will be a very nice companion. Biscuit is recovering from kennel cough - when she's better, she'll get to go to her new home in Palm Desert.

CLEO, Labrador mix, Female
Here's Cleo's story: she was found on the freeway a few years ago, placed in a nice home which had it's fence and part of yard burned in the fires of last year. The owners have not yet replaced their fencing and brought this puzzled girl back to us. Cleo finally has a new and loving family to be with. We hear she's getting along wonderfully. Congratulations to you all.

CHI CHI, Chihuahua, Female
Chichi is a 5 year old female Chihihua
THis adorable little girl is the real deal
she's a Chihihua through and through...and has a nice home to guard!

KATIE, Dutch Shepherd, Female
Katie is an 18 month old DUTCH SHEPHERD. She needs training, but she has a great loving temperment. Katie now has a great new home.

Poppy, Bull Terrier cross, Female
Poppy is a young adult (1 year old) Bull Terrier cross who is an ultra-friendly people lover. She seems to get along with everyone. (Cats are an unknown) Poppy grew up on the hood of our groomer's car. The groomer thought it was a neighbor's dog and the neighbor thought it was hers. She found it on the hood of her car every morning, sleeping. It finally got too cold outside, and she asked about the dog. The neighbor said she just "popped up" one day, and her called her Poppy.

SIERRA, Labrador Retriever, Female
Sierra is a big 'ol friendly chocolate Laborador. Labs are the All American favorite. She's a silly labby girl who loves her toys and carries her bowl around. Which is just fine with her new family.

MAX, Terrier Mix, Male
Max is a young adult male Terrier. He likes kids and other dogs, and is friendly, scruffy, orange and white and cute as he can be. Max now has a great family.

FANCYPANTS, Pomeranian, Male
Fancy is a young adult male purebred Pomeranian. He's about as nice as they get...and now he has a home as good as you can get!

ABIGAIL, KC Cavalier/Pekinese, Female
Abigail is a young adult (about 1 1/2 years old) King Charles cavalier Spaniel X Pekinese mix. An interesting cross of both these breeds, she has the gentle nature of the Cavalier, and is very loving. She now has a great new home.

WILSON, Wheaton-ish Terrier X, Male
Wilson is 3 years old and weighs about 25 lbs. He is a terrier through and through. cute and active...Wison now has a wonderful home.

ETHYL, Smooth Dachshund, Female
Ethyl is a 10 month old female smooth doxie. She has a kink in her tail and an overbite and a great new home.

BEE BEE, Cockapoo or Terripoo, Female
Bee is less than 2 years old. She walked into a schoolyard looking for someone to please take care of her. Now, someone will. Best of luck to BeeBee and her new home.

Little Cream, Pomeranian, Female
5 year old female cream purebred pomeranian
LC is cute and friendly, gets along with other dogs. She really does want a home...and now she has one!

AMIGO, Poodle, Male
Amigo is a young adult male Poodle. He is smaller than a Standard Poodle and much bigger than a mini. Amigo is in between. He is gentle, gets along with other dogs, and likes people. His tail was never docked. He has been stripped down, but his coat is cream and white. Amigo came from a rescue in Tijuana Mexico, hence the name. He's a nice dog. This is NOT a toy, it is a medium sized dog

BUDDY, Dachshund Cross, Male
Buddy is about 1 year old. He lLikes kids, gets along with other dogs, about 12 lbs. He is cute, shiny and eager to please his new family.

Max arrived here so thin you could practically read through him. He was wormed and given a lotta food..You can tell. He is a BIG boy. Now he can chow down with his new family unit!
Read more about the Anatolian Shepherd...

BOB, Labrador Retriever, Male.
Bob is the real deal, a purebred white Laborador Retriever...and now Bob has a new mom to play with.

BENTLEY, Golden Retriever, Male
Bentley is a young adult Golden Retriever boy.
He's friendly - of course, he's a silly retriever.
Bentley wants a place to play and now he has one - with an added bonus: a family to love.

SNOBOY, Pomeranian, Male
Snoboy is an adult male Pomeranian. He is not a small boy, he weighs about 20 lbs. This crafty guy is a great escape artist and a digger extraordinaire. Now Snoboy has a great new home.

Woody, Belgian Tuveren, Male
Woody is a young male purebred Belgian Turveren, about one year old. He is friendly, active, likes other dogs. This breed is intelligent, handsome, and trainable. Woody now has a great new home.


BUDDY, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy is an adult male Greman Shepherd.
What can we say, this picture says it all. Buddy is sweet, handsome and everything a German Shepherd is supposed to be. Now he has a great family to share it with.

KATIE, Norwegian Elkhound, Female
Katie is a beautiful 2 year old female
NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND. Pretty, and friendly, she loves attention. Katie was out of time at the shelter. She is now living with sheep!

ERIN, Border Terrier Mix, Female
Erin is a young adult female Terrier mix. She has weaned a litter of puppies. Erin is also a VERY sweet, well mannered young lady who now has a loving home.

OTIS, Basset Hound, Male
Otis is a young adult purebred male
Basset Hound. Otis arrived could see every bone in his young body. He has been wormed, fed, had his shots and now has a great new home!

Miss Bliss, Pomeranian, Female
Miss Bliss now has a wonderful new home.

TONTO, Chihihua X, Male
Tonto has found his new home.

Nicki, Poodle/Cocker Spaniel, Female
Nicki is a Cockapoo - a poodle/cocker spaniel mix about 5 years old. Sweet, this girl has lost her owners and is looking for someone to love her. Now, she has a nice new home.

EMMY EM, Australian Shepherd Cross, Female
Emmy is a young lady who arrived thin and had a bad case of mange. Her owner died and Emmy was left out in the yard for a neighbor to feed. She has gained weight, gotten some training, has a shiny coat and a nice new home! Here's Emmy (now Maggie) with her new mom.

GRASSHOPPER, Chihuahua, Female
Grasshopper is a very young adult female Chihihua. Pulled from the shelter, she was cold and shivering. She is happy in her jacket...and happy in her new home.

Shaq, Labradore Retriever, Male
Shaq is a neutered male pure-bred Yellow Lab - about 7 years old. He's obedience trained, and works off leash. Shaq loves people...and his new family.

SARAH, Retriever/Chow, Female
Sarah is a young adult female RETRIEVER X CHOW mix. We call her a "Chowtriever." She was adopted on Christmas day. Merry Christmas Sarah and family!



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