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Success Stories


Here are our dogs who have found new homes.

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APPLE VALLEY ED, Basset Hound, Male
Update: My name is Randy Warner and my fiance (Sandra Casillas) adopted a basset from you in May named Apple Valley Ed. He was 21 lbs under weight but the vet said he was an otherwise very healthy 3 year old bassett. I noticed you had his picture in Sucess Stories but no info. We call him Fred, as in Mertz. He lives with us in rancho Cucamonga and runs the house. He has claimed the love seat as his own and sleeps on it every night. Currently Fred weighs about 60lbs and is very muscular, twice daily walks will do that. He was on our x-mas and valentines card. He has all the bassett qualities, especially the stubborness. He is very very affectionate and way too intelligent. I can not imagine our lives without him. Hopefully we will be able to help the kennel soon so that others can find what we have found.

BETTY, Bloodhound Cross, Female
We continue to hear wonderful things about Betty from her new family. Keep up the good work!

CODY, Labrador/Heeler Mix, Male
Less than a year old, Cody is a very handsome dog. He is much more appealing than this picture. Cody is friendly, lively and likes other dogs a lot. A PERFECT kids dog. Cody needs some training, discipline and room to play...just like every other youngster.

NICKI, Chihuahua Mix, Female
Nicki is a Chihuahua cross female, quite small.
The shelter said she was 4, but she seems younger, she plays good with the other dogs and doesn't seem to mind kids. A little shy, hates the camera. Digs a little and she still chews, if she has stuff to chew of her own she'll leave my stuff (shoes,books and laces) alone. She's a really good dog. Also she seems to be housebroken, does use the doggie door.

BLANCO, Pomeranian Cross, Male
Blanco is a 10 month old male Pomeranian X or Long haired Chi X - or both? He's sweet and friendly. We don't recommend these small dogs for very young children, we really do not know much about them. Blanco used up his time at a shelter. Cute guy.

Emmy's puppy Aussie X Shep male
He's 18 weeks old, neuterd and now has a new home This is a high drive puppy, very smart and will need training...NOT a dog to leave out in the backyard to grow up alone and then brought back when he has no manners.  A great kid pup


SHY GIRL, Gorgi/Sheltie Cross, Female
This pretty adult dog came from Victor Valley. she now has a new home.

HAPPY, Mini-Aussie, Male
Happy is an adult ( about 6) mini Aussie. He has been stripped down for summer. He is full of tricks and very, very sweet. What an adorable and loving dog. Now he has a great family.

DEE DEE, Labrador Retriever, Female
Dee Dee is a young dog, most likely about one year old. Dee Dee would love to be the only dog in her yard. Now she has a new family to play with and protect. Lots of luck to all of you!

DAKOTA-GRACIE, Great Dane, Female
Dakota is an adult purebred Great Dane. She is a blue merle with a few white markings. Dakota would like to be an only dog. She now has a great new home.

Callahan, Beagle Dox Mix male
This little guy is about a year old and weighs in at about 12-13 lbs. He is very sweet, gets along with other dogs and likes people...which is great because he has been adopted by a clown family!

SIMBA young adult Pom X , Male
Simba weighs in at about 9 lbs. He's a little shy and quiet, he is also very loving and likes to be held. Now Simba has a great home.

PATTY, Pomeranian Cross, Female
Patty has a great new home.

STEVIE, Chinese Crested, Male
Stevie is a 10 month old male Chinese Crested Powderpuff. He's the real deal. cute and hairy.
Stevie needs a firm and loving hand...and now he has one. Good luck to you and your new mom!

Sweet Poodle girl, Poodle, Female
This older adult female poodle girl lost her owners when they went to owner heaven and she was left at the animal shelter. Now she has a new forever home. Good luck to all of you!

SAVANNAH, Standard Poodle, Female
Savannah is a 6 year old Female Standard Poodle. This is a big beautiful girl. Looks nice? She's as nice as she looks...and now she has a nice new mom, too - see.

LORENA Australian Cattle Dog, Female
Lorena is a purebred Australian Cattle dog - about 8 mos old. Very sweet. Now Lorena has a great new home.

MIKIE, Bouvier Des Flanders, Female
Mikie is a 14 month old female spayed
BOUVIER DES FLANDRES. This little girl is a little smaller than usual, started in obedience, registered purebred Bouvier. This is not a dog for everyone, they need a job to do, and training and attention. Simply beautiful.
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SAMI, Bouvier Des Flandres, Female
Sami is a 14 month old female BOUVIER DES FLANDRES. She is a herding dog. Sami is smaller than usual, and obedience started. A purebred, registered dog. She will need room, attention and training. Very sweet girls. Littermate to Mikie.
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Rusty, Malinois Mix, Male
Rusty is a young adult malinois. He is a very nice, calm dog. Friendly, loving, kissy and very eager to please. Rusty is now living with his new Malinois sister in Arizona - what a match!

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Tony, German Shepherd, Male
Tony is a young adult male GSD. He was removed from the animal shelter where he was attacked by another dog. Now, Tony has a yard to guard and people to love.

CARRIE, Scottie Cross, Female
Carrie is a young adult female Scottie cross.
She looks like a Border Terrier. Very cute girl, nice temperment, she is about 25 lbs. She now has a great home.

DESIREE, Belgian Tuveren Mix, Female
This lovely rescue girl has a great new home.



SHOTSIE, German Shepher, Female
Shotsie is a 5-month old female purebred German Shepherd. She was found in an animal shelter, with a cough and out of time...but just IN time to find a loving family. Great going Shotsie!

PERRY, Miniature Poodle, Male
Perry is a young adult male Miniature Poodle. He was found terribly matted with foxtails and dreadlocks..unclaimed. This long-legged poodle walked in the heart of his new family. Congratulations to you all.

Puppy with the best stand up ears ever now has a great new home.

BUFFY BOY, Lhasa Apso, Male
Buffy is a very young adult Lhasa Apso, probably less than a year old. Big-boned, and very Lhasa, he has been clipped down for summer. He now has a nice new home.

Little Ginger, Lab Mix, Female
Ginger is a very young female Lab Retriever cross who was dumped at a construction site. The workers took her in, fattened her up and brought here here after a couple of weeks. She is sweet and calm. Now Ginger has a lovely home.

MEGAN, Chih/Pomeranian Cross, Female
Megan is a very young female Long-haired Chihuahua/Pomeranian cross. She has a great new home and family.

Rudi, German Shepherd, Male
Rudi has a great new home.

HANNAH, Beagle Cross, Female
Hannah has a great new home.

Roy, Dalmation, Male
Roy "spotted" his adopter right away. He now has a great new home.


Dizzy Daisy, Boxer mix, Female
Dizzy Daisy twirled her way into a great new home. Congrats Daiz!

TIPPY TERRIER, Terrier Cross, Female
Tippy Terrier and his new dad, on the way home to Celtic Craft Center in San Francisco. If you are ever in the neighborhood, or looking for a kilt, drop in, Tip is the new mascot. You will probably see him at the many Highland games around as well. Have fun, guys

The twins have found a comfortable new home.

HAPPY BOY, Pug Mix, Male
Happy is a Pug Sheba Inu cross. Funny looking, and funny tempermented, this slightly overweight guy is eternally an optimist...which shows that a good attitude pays: he has a great new home!

POMMY BOY, Pomeranian, Male
PB was turned into a shelter after being hit by a car...but now he has a great new home.

BRITTANY, Sheltie Cross, Female
Brittany has found a loving home.

BABY SHEP, German Shepherd, Male
Baby is a 16 week old purebred German Shepard pup. This youngster was found and never recovered. He is safe now, and has a great home.

Christina, Sheltie Cross, Female
Christina is the very sweet sister to Brittany. Full of energy and full of herself as well. Christina at 6 months is nearly full grown at about 25 pounds. She has beautiful fur, and a great new home.

CARSON, Chihuahua Cross, Male
Carson is a young adult male Chihuahua mix who weighs in at a svelt 12 lbs. He is sweet, outgoing and now has a wonderful new family.

COWBOY, Chihuahua Cross, Male
I am a young adult male Chihuahua cross.
I have very bowed legs, they make me look funny. I have a good personality...I found a new family - yee haw!

Dancer, Chihuahua/Jack Russel, Female
Dancer is a small dog abouat 14-15 lbs. She is an adorable dog with large expressive eyes...take a look. Dancer will jump into your arms from the ground...which is what she did to her new family.

Rommel, Pomeranian, Male
Rommel is an adult male Pomeranian. Clipped for summer in this pic, this tiny little boy has a big name and a big attitude....and a great new home.

Murphy, Shepherd/Labrador Cross, Male
Murphy is a young adult male Shepherd and Laborador Retriever cross. What a FUN dog. Now Murphy has a great home.

Maxine, Whippet/Walker Hound cross, Female
Maxine is has a great new home.

GANDOLF, Mini-Dachshund, Male
Gandolf is a young adult male purebred registered mini Dachshund...who now has a great home!

MAYA, Sable German Shepherd, Female
Maya is a beautiful silver sable German Shepherd girl - just 11 months old. Maya is as close to looking like a wolf as any dog we have ever seen. She is gorgeous. This young girl was relinquished by a tearful young boy...she was his first dog, but he is very allergic to her. She loves kids...and now has some to look after.

Buster, Basset Hound, Male
Buster is a 3 year old male Bassett hound. Buster has spent most of his young life outside in the high desert, alone and neglected. No attention, no doghouse and a goat for a pal. Now, he has a great family.

Buddy, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy is a young adult male GSD. Full of love - look at those eyes...and ears. Do you have room for a great Buddy in your life?

Sarge, Boxer, Male
Sarge is a 6 month old purebred Boxer with a docked tail and natural ears. Young Sarge was just too much silly puppy for the older couple who bought him, and he jumped on the little children. They say they just did not have "time" to train him...but his new family does. Best of luck to you all.


SPARTACUS, Doberman Pinscer, Male
Spartacus is a 2 year old male red Doberman Pinscer. Handsome, good tempered and large, this is a spectacular dog. A baby and a young dog both needing attention brings Spartacus to us. If you are looking for a gorgeous companion, here he is. A truly nice purebred dog with a sweet disposition.

CHI CHI, Chihuahua, Female
This adorable adult Chihihua is athe real deal.
Tiny and as cute as she can be, Chi chi was pregnant in the shelter and has had her litter of three and is now ready to be adopted.
She has a GREAT personality. Even Chi non-lovers like little ChiChi...very nice little as she can be.

Dayzee, Lab Cross, Female
Dayzee is a small, young adult female Lab cross. She is VERY friendly, energetic, and gets along with everyone. Dayzee loves people and would make a terrific family dog. Her curly tail was wagging so it is blurred. An all around good dog.

Little Napoleon, Pug/Chihuahua cross, male
Napoleon is not a tough as he looks, he is a funny, busy dog. If you DO NOT HAVE TIME to train or spend with your dog, please get a stuffed one, and not our cute Napoleon. WE recommend obedience classes...hey, it's summertime, you have more time. Napoleon would be a GREAT dog for an older kid who needs a playmate and wantes a dog to train. Tey will BOTH learn a lot. He would enjoy the company of a female dog, but he likes to be the only guy around.

RUSTY, Pomeranian Mix, Male.
Rusty is a 4 year old Pomeranian mix. VERY loving, and quiet. He seems to get along with everyone. After we took him in we got a phone call from his former mom who remembered that she had not told us that Rusty is deaf. What can we say. He IS a nice companion, tho.

PAMMY POM, Pomeranian Mix, Female
Pammy is a mostly pomeranian adult dog. She arrived terrified and difficult to handle. Pammy is tiny..about 6 pounds. She has become a tail wagger and is still shy, but will be a wonderful companion to an adult home. Pammy is frightened by rough handling. Could you be her mommy?

CHOCOLATE CHIP, Dachshund Mix, Female
Chocolate chip is a young adult female Doxie mix. Chip arrived pregnant, and not feeling well at all. Her puppies did not survive and Chocolate Chip has had a difficult time herself. She is well now, and sweet as she can be. Chocolate Chip gets along with other dogs and likes people. She is in need of a loving home...Chip has a lot to give. WE love this dog, she is a kennel favorite.

POODLE GIRL, Poodle, Female
This pretty white poodle is about 8 years old.
She arrived from a board and care home. Her owner died...Poodle Girl arrived homeless, nameless, and in need of grooming. She has no idea what has happened to her, but she is trying to be a "good girl."PG is loving little dog in need of someone to love.

Rapunzel, Mini-Dachshund, Female
Rapunzel is an adult purebred long-haired chocolate mini-doxie. She is sweet, friendly and lonely. Reason for relinquishment: I am going back to work. Question: is the dog a problem when you are not home? Answer: no. We don't understand this either, but people move on with their lives and leave their little dogs behind regularly. Can you be a faithful friend to this lovely doxie lady?

Sean, Toy Poodle, Male
Sean is a 9 year old male purebred toy poodle. He has gradually gone blind over the last year. He is, however, very active, in love with his ball, and can find it. If you bounce it, he will chase it. He is outgoing and friendly. He can't see you, but he knows you are there. An excellent second dog. Want to make a difference in a cute guy's quailty of life?

Elliot, Spaniel Cross, Male
Elliot is a Spaniel cross, quite small, very nice disposition. He seems to get along with people and dogs. Little Elliot is only about 18 months old. What a sweet little guy.

MARMADUKE, Great Dane, Male
Marmaduke is a 1 1/2 year old GREAT DANE male. This huge puppy (120 lbs) has a great temperament. He is friendly, and loving and has his basic opbedience commands. He is good on a leash, and basically a prize. A dog like this does not come into rescue often.

Junebug, Miniature Pinscher Cross, Female
Junebug is an older adult min pin cross who was
out of time in Apple Valley. A volunteer who couldn't pass up this adorable face and sweet nature brought her to us.
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Pretty Girl, German Shepherd, Female
Pretty girl is a young adult - small in stature, but big on Shephard good looks. This sweet girl was abandoned at a veterinarian's office. She was used for a while as a blood donor then we got her. She really needs a home. She is all that is good about this breed. She would be a wonderful companion for a boy shepherd. She is simply adorable, a sweet tempered girl.

Stubbie, Sharpei/Beagle Cross, Female
Stubbie is a young adult female cross between a Sharpei and a Beagle. Yup..quite a combination. She is a bit silly looking, but interesting. Stubbie weights about 15 lbs.

Mommy Lab, Labrador Retriever, Female
Mommy Lab is about 2 years old. She has had a litter of pups, and was brought in with her son, Peanut. She is shy, but sweet, wonders what happened. She is familiar and good with kids. Not agressive with other dogs. Kids did not take care of her, so she had to go


ANNIE, Anatolian Shepherd, Female
Annie is a young (1 1/2 year old ) Anatolian Shepherd. You must have an understanding of this breed to apply for this dog. She has a wonderful temperment. This is a Huge dog, and a real Anatolian. Simply beautiful, and sweet.
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BUFFY, Poodle, Female
Very sweet and loving older adult toy poodle.
Buffy weighs a little over 4 pounds and is a tiny, loving companion for someone who wants a lapdog. Buffy needs yearly teeth cleanings, otherwise, she is just fine, remembering she is not young. She has a lovely little pedigree and is registered, she thinks that is something special. So is Buffy...her human mommy passed away and left her behind.

Gumball, Yorkie Cross, Male
Gumball is a young adult Yorkie cross. He has been shaved down. He is friendly and gets along with other dogs.

SUNNY, Lhasa Apso/Poodle, Male
Sunny is an adult male Lhasa Apso cross. He is a special needs dog. He is healthy and cute ( he has had his very matted coat clipped down, but it was really long and will be beautiful again). He really wants to be someones constant companion. Are you looking for a small dog to spend time with? Sunny is your guy. VERY sweet, he would be fine with another dog, he gets along with everyone. Loving, cuddly and a little shy. If you work 8 hours a day, please do not consider this dog, he wants to snuggle someone forever.

TOMORROW, Dachshund, Female
Tomorrow is a pure-bred 6-year old female Doxie. She is pretty cute, and loving too, once she gets to know you. Tomorrow does not have experience with children and would be best in an adult home. A doxie through and through.

FOXY, Pomeranian/Sheltie Cross, Female
Foxy is an adule female Pomeranian cross. We do not know what she is crossed with but she is Pomeranian for sure. She is bigger than a Pom, however, and very pregnant in this picture. This sweet,nice tempermented mommie will be avaliable as soon as her puppies are weaned. Ask about her, she will make a great family dog. Currently her favorite thing is to roll over for a tummy rub! Last day doggie.

SWEET WILLIE, Dachshund, Male.
Willie is a 6 year old dapple doxie boy. His owner died and Sweet Willie was left in a shelter. He is one of the nicest Doxies we have ever met. He gets along with everything in the world. Lonely? need a good friend? Sweet Willie's here.

Antoinette, Poodle, Female
Antoinette is a 2 year-old purebred blue poodle.
Very,very affectionate and sweet...very innocent. She will be a wonderful lifetime companion for someone who wants a little lap dog. She is a very trim 7 lbs. She's tiny, sweet and very loving. Looking for a companion? So is Antoinette!

Little Nugget, Yorkie Mix, Male
Little Nugget is a very small older adult male
Yorkie cross. Outliving his owner, he arrived as a transfer from another shelter where he has used up all of his time. He is adorable. His fur was quite long and matted so we clipped it. Unusually bright red color. Very sweet, and easy to handle.

LORELI, Lhasa Apso, Female
Loreli is an adult female Lhasa Apso. Sweet and cuddly....on her last day at the shelter. She is groomed and vet checked and then it's goodbye Loreli...Have a good life you cutie, you! Yes - the photo really is Loreli - as you can see, she is totally precious.

DUKE, German Shepherd, Male
Duke is a handsome, well mannered male real German Sephherd. He is about 1 1/2-2 years old. Friendly, HUGE, Obedience Trained..yes, we said trained..get em while he's still here.
This is a magnificant dog. He likes EVERYONE, dogs, kids and kitties...still young and playful

BUSTER, Heeler, Male
Buster is a 10 month-old male Heeler. He's very friendly, handsome, and loving dog. Jjust beautiful..wonderful temperment. Buster is the unfortunate victim of an ugly divorce. That's why he needs a new home.

PEPSI, Boxer/Lab Cross, Female
Pepsi is a real Boxer/Labrador cross - not a pitbull cross. She is a 7 month-old female.
VERY sweet, playful, cute and friendly. She would be an EXCELLENT choice for a family or kid's dog. Wonderful qualities from both sides...adorable.

INKJET, Schipperke X Corgi, Female
I am a young adult female Schipperke/Corgi cross. I am low to the ground, friendly, perky and smart. I would make a wonderful family pet. I love to have fun and I LOVE kids. Inkjet is a GREAT size, perfect for homes with size restrictions.

Anthony, KC Cavalier/Pekinese, Male
Anthony is a young adult (about 1 1/2 years old) King Charles Cavalier X Pekinese cross. This dog is an interesting blend of both, and with one blue and one brown eye, he is charming to look at. Very sweet and easy to handle. He will need occasional grooming. Nice temperment. Anthony was at the end of his time at the shelter.

BOOTS, Pomeranian, Male.
Boots is a 9 month old male POMERANIAN. Friendly, and playful..this is a cute mostly Pomeranian boy. He has nice markings..he almost looks like a Papillion. Boots weighs in at a svelt 7 to 8 lbs.

CHEEKY, Terrier/Chihuahua, Female
WHAT IF.....A Staffordshire Bull Terrier shrunk to about 15 lbs...we think that it would look a lot like little Cheeky. A tiny bully-looking girl who is sweet, tiny and simply adorable. This brindle bundle of cute dog really needs a loving home. We really do not know what she is, ours is a good guess at best, but we like her a lot. Cheeky is about one year old.

Frito, Italian Greyhound X Manchester Terrier
Frito is a 5 month-old, friendly, wiggly, giggly,active tiny young dog. He is at what will be his full size. Frito needs some discipline, love and a home without little children. He needs a lot of attention...simply adorable little bundle of loving energy. Can we take a walk now, please?

MOPSY, Cockapoo, Female
I am a 3 year-old Cockapoo female. Be sure to check back for a better picture after the groomer gets hold of me. I was just spayed and not feeling like being bathed. I am very cute! However, I'm not very fond of young children...older kids are ok, but I really want to be your baby!

MOLLY, Doberman Cross, Female
Molly is a young adult female Doberman and Rottweiler cross. She is only about one and one half years old. This HUGE girl has a wonderful temperment. She simply loves everyone. She was found living in a riverbed and gave birth to 15 puppies which she raised. She has earned a good home. She will protect your yard with her looks, but she is really a sweetie. Smart, and friendly....this is a wonderful family dog.

DAISY, Pekinese, Female
Daisy is 4 to 5 years old. She has been stripped down. Little is known about her. She is tiny and sweet, would probably do best without young children or other dogs. She will be a wonderful and cuddly companion for someone who wants a tiny lap doggie.. She does not have yellow eyes.

STACY, Lhasa Apso, Male
Stacy is a 6 year old genuine Lhasa Apso. He has travelled a lot, been on planes and enjoys car trips. Likes other dogs, kids and everyone he meets. Stacy has nice manners and is healthy and VERY sweet cute, and likeable. What more can we say. He is here because his Mom is not well.

Dobe, Doberman X German Shepherd, Male
Dobe is a young adult. He's very friendly, handsome, nice family dog. He has beautiful stand up ears, and a beautiful open face. Has been a house dog. Dobe is the best of both breeds.

Sadie, Retriever Cross, Female
Sadie is a young adult. She has a nice temperment. Very sweeet dog. She has lived with several other dogs.  A good house dog.  A great family dog.

Bandit, Chow mix, Male
Bandit is a young adult Chow cross. He has an excellent temperment.  Bandit has been a house dog.  Beautiful mahogany color. Bandit has lived with several other dogs, and gets along with them. This bandit just might steal your heart!

Buster, Beagle/German Shep mix, Male
Buster is a nice-natured young adult male.
He would love some attention and training.

Beautiful Gypsy, Malinois, Female
Gypsy is a young adult female Malinois. A nice girl, very friendly and loving, willing to do whatever you ask of her.
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Buddy II, German Shepherd, Male
Beautiful LARGE male German Shepherd. Buddy has the rap of having bitten a horse. What a bad choice....If you have a horse, this is NOT the dog for you. He is young and likes kids. He's a rambunctious and beautiful, a good-hearted boy. Cloppity clop. Now buddy has a great equine-free home.

Copper, Malinois, young adult male
He is a great dog. Very friendly, quiet and wants to please. He wants a job to do and will wait till you find one for him. Copper loves women, but not apartment living. He gets along with other dogs, and is a handsome, well behaved gentleman of a dog. An extraordinary companion for a woman, or a couple. This is a wonderful dog. Not high drive.
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Sadie, German Shepherd, Female
Sadie is a 3 year-old German Shepherd. She is outgoing, friendly, and a little dominant. Sadie needs to be in a home where she is the only dog.

Duke, Adult purebred Black Laborador
Gorgeous Black Lab...HUGE ! He is very friendly. A dog like this does not come into rescue very often...and now he is at the labrador rescue. Best of luck to you, Duke.

MAPLE, Dachsund, Female
Maple is an adorable 8 pound doxie girl who is a young 7 years old. She is a little shy...she has lived in a kennel most of her life, but she is sweet. A little handful of Doxie cuteness. Her eyes are totally normal.

BARNABY, Bouvier Cross, Male
Barnaby is a young adult Bouvier X Golden Retriever cross. He is only a medium sized dog with a nice temperment, likes people, and has a wonderful terrier coat with black and golden mixed in. An interesting dog, he has the expressions of a Border Terrier. Barnaby now has a great new family.


FRANKIE, Dachshund, Male
Frankie is a 5 year-old Doxie gentleman. EXTREMELY loving and sweet...gets along with other animalas and LOVES people. HE needs a thorough teeth cleaning, otherwise he is good to go... What a cutie! Now Frankie has a great home!

Scruffy, Lhasa Apso Mix, Male
Our mange dog after a month or so of recovery and an extreme makeover. Scruffy now has a nice coat - and a great new home! Proof that an extreme makeover can change your life.

Extreme Makeover!

"Before" shot

Coco, Miniature Pinscher Cross, Male
Coco is an adult Min Pin X  very sweet and loving. Coco has been on a diet and proud of you can tell by his little smile. Now he has a great new home. Best of luck CoCo!
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Little Guy, Basengi X Chihuahua Mix, Male
Little Guy is very, very little. He is a chihuahua cross. Very sweet temperment. This baby is only 4 months old at the most. He is a very young, and small guy. Cute little worry wrinkles on his forehead. He wonders how he got here...and how he got such a wonderful new family. Best wishes to you all.


Lucky, Pomeranian, Male
Lucky is a young adult Pomerannian male. His coat color is called Chocolate Parti. Lucky is what happens when you buy a nice puppy, never train it, and Dad doesn't want to neuter it. He pees all over the place. So what did they do - why, throw the dog away, that's what. It happens every day. Lucky is lucky that he now has a new home!

Astro, American Eskimo, Male
Astro is an adult male, neutered American Eskimo. Astro gets along with other dogs, is trained, does some tricks, and wonders why his parents moved and left him here. Nice dog who now has a nice home.

Sunnie, Terrier Cross, Male
Sunnie is an adult male Terrier mix. He is very matted and dirty in this photo. Once our groomer got him worked over, he was trim and very white. When his coat grows out, he will be fluffy and smelling much nicer. Very sweet...and he now has a very sweet family.

Mommy pom, Pomeranian, Female
Mommy Pom was found at a shelter with three newborn puppies. They will soon be weaned, and have all been adopted. Now, it's time for this young adult female (mostly Pomeranian) to get a home of her own. She's had a hard life and finally, she'll have a great new home.

Wendy, German Shepherd Mix, Female
Wendy is a very sweet and very young adult German Shepherd mix. She has three pups.
Pups and mom ran out of time at a shelter, they bought some more time here and have all been adopted.. Mom is just a baby herself, and very pretty silvery color...she wants to play, not take care of babies...that's what teenaged moms do.  Wendy now has a great home where she can play and play!

Big Guy, German Shepherd, Male
Big Guy is a young adult male GSD. He has a
nice temperment. Big Guy was found wandering on a dark and rainy night. Never claimed. He can be yours. This guy is HUGE...and handsome. Big guy now has a home to call his own. Best of luck to all of you.

Terry, Heeler Cross, Male
Terry is a young adult male. Smallish, and friendly, Terry gets along with other dogs.  He has a very cute 3/4 long tail with a great flag on it.  Terry is a good "all around" dog. If that is what you are looking for, he's your man.

Cinderella, poodle, female
Cinderalla is a young adult female toy poodle.
When we got her, she was on her last day at a shelter, dirty and smelly. She will soon be perky. clean and groomed. Now she has a great new home. Great going Cinderella.


Pico, Chihuahua Manchester Cross, Male
Pico is a very young adult Chihuahua, Manchester Terrier cross. He is VERY tiny, very clingy and sweet. Excellent companion for an adult home, he is *really* little....and now Pico has someone to cling to. Dont' let go little guy!

Peanut, Lab Mix, Male
Peanut is a 9 month-old Lab/Doberman cross.
Peanut is very protective of his mom, and when they first arrived he sat in front of her and wouldn't let us have her. He did not snarl or bite, he simply kept changing positions so that he was always between them. he's a good son. Now he has a great new home to guard. Keep up the good work, Peanut.

Benny, Terrier Cross, Male
Benny is a young adult male Terrier cross.
He is cute, friendly, and nice. He will be a great that he has a new family to hang out with.


Huggy, Pomeranian, Male
Huggy is an adult male Pomeranian who weighs in at about 12 lbs. He gets along with other dogs and has a nice temperment. Huggy now has someone to give him hugs all day. Good luck to you all.

Babu, Pomeranian, Male
Babu is an adult male Pomeranian. He's very small, around 5 lbs. Babu needs an adult home. He startles at strangers or rough handling. Now, Babu has a great new home. Lots of good luck to you all!

Choo Choo, Chihuahua Cross, Female
Choochoo is an adult female Chihuahua cross. She's very friendly. Choochoo has been overfed so she is on a diet. She is now lovely - and has a great new home.

Frank, Pomeranian, Male
Frank is an adult male Pomeranian, about 5 years old. He is very small. Frank looks sad, cuz he was lost and never found...until he came here. Now he has "found" a great new home.

Cleopatra, Dachshund, Female
Cleopatra is a 5 year-old seal doxie lady. She misses her owner who passed away. Cleo has been in a shelter, and also has been on a diet here. A lot of bad stuff has happened to this girl. She is afraid if you grab at her, she will snap, but if she knows you are picking her up, she is very sweet.  Cleo now has a lovely home.

Flea, Xoloitzcuintli, Male
This is Flea, a Mexican Hairless dog or Xoloitzcuintli. He was taken from a shelter and brought here. Flea is about 10 years old. Flea now has a great new home.

Fritz, Dachshund, Male
Fritz is a 6-7 year old Doxie. He was found at a shelter with is time used up, sent to us by Local Rescue: Happy Endings One at a Time
Fritz is an older Doxie gentleman who now has a nice adult home. Great going, Fritz!

Puppy 2, Mixed Breed, Male
This 8 week-old puppy has a great home.

Abby, Terrier Cross, Female
My name is Abby and my mom and dad both went to heaven and left me here alone. I now have a great Vegan home where they let me eat Malt-O-Meal every day. Yum, yummy!

Uncle Wilbur, Toy Poodle, Male
Uncle Wilber (we didn't name him) is a 9 year-old Apricot male toy poodle. Uncle Wilbur was the mascot for a convelecent home...but he became allergic to the antiseptics that they used for cleaning. Poor Wilbur. He now has a great new home - and no harsh chemicals in it!

Tootsie, Dachshund/Chihuahua Cross, Female
Tootsie is a young adult female. VERY sweet and loving, likes everyone, and is quite small.  She will be an excellent family pet.  Tootsie was lost and never claimed.  Now her new family has claimed her. Lots of luck and love to you all!

Apache, Labrador Retriever Cross, Male
Apache is a 9 month-old Labby cross. He's a very nice dog whose owner became too ill to care for him. Would make a GREAT family dog...Apache has a wonderful cheery temperment. He is HUGE - and has a great new home with room to roam!

Fluffy, Retriever Chow Mix, Male
Hi - my name is Fluffy. I am a young adult male Retriever mix. I like kids a lot and I get along with other dogs. My family lost their home and me too. Lucky me, though - I have a great new family and new home. See yah later guys!

Puppy 1, German Shepherd Cross, Male
This 8 week-old puppy will be a medium-sized dog when grown. You must have time to train and play with him.  Remember, he is a baby.
He was born in the animal shelter, his mom is Wendy on page 2. He has a wonderful new home.

Samantha, GSD/Collie Cross, Female
Samantha is about 4 1/2 months old. This adorable and very sweet dog was found in a park in El Segundo.  She was tied to a tree and abandoned.  A good samaritan found her, took her to a vet, and then brought her here.  Now she has a wonderful new home.

SWEET PEPPER, Cavalier X Sheltie, Female
Sweet Pepper is a young adult. She was turned in to the animal shelter because her angry owner had a citation for a dog license. He refused to pay, so he got rid of his very sweet, very un-spayed female dog.  She is a love...and now has a great new home.

Eddy, Labrador Retriever, Male
Eddy is a 5 year-old male Lab. Mom has to part with her dog because of a death in the family and a forced move. He is used to other dogs. Eddy is HUGE - a big boy who loves women. Big Ole Eddy...he'd make a good second dog. He has nice house manners. Eddy is now with the Pet Corral in Beaumont.

Ginger, Miniature Pinscher, Female
My name is Ginger and I am a young adult Min Pin girl. I am a little chubby, but if you put me on a diet I will soon like like a tiny supermodel.  Hopefully my new family will still love me when I'm beautiful!
Read about the Miniature Pinscher...

Brinks, German Shepherd, Male
Brinks is a male GSD 5-6 years old. He was
found as a stray or abandoned, no history is known. Healthy and friendly, he has a great bark, you'll feel safe with Brinks around. Brinks now has a great new family to protect. Good luck to all of you!

Sandy, German Shepherd Cross, Female
Sandy is a young adult GSD cross. Very sweet and small for a Shepherd cross. Gets along with other dogs, and is adorable. Loves to leash walk and snuggle. Nice personality...she is so nice we forget to show her to people...until now. She has her own sweet family and home sweet home.

Cookie, German Shepherd, Female
Cookie is a 5 1/2 year old GSD lady. Cookie lives with her mom who has to move because of a death in the family, they are both very sad. If you inquire about her, you will be refered to her mom. She LOVES women and seems to like other dogs, she lives with several. She now has a great new home and a new "leash" on life.

Little Brown Leia, German Shepherd X, Female
Leia is a young adult GSD cross who would love to guard your home and play with your kids. She's a love - and now has a great home to guard.

Cute Guy, Corgi/Chihuahua cross, male
This is a nice natured little goofy looking young adult (pup - really). He now has a great family. Best wishes cutie!


OLLIE, Lab mix, Male
Ollie is a 1 1/2 year old neutered male Laborador Mix. He has been obedience trained, and he needs a strong hand. He was too much for his mom to handle. Curious, friendly, affectionate, and active.
Now Ollie has a great home. Lots of luck and love to you!

Mello Yello, Chihuahua Mix, Male
Mello is an adult male Chihuahua mix. He's a small dog, left by his owner. Mello now has a great new start - thank you!

Rusty, Dachsund, Male
Hi I'm Rusty. I am an older Doxie gentleman, and I am exactly that: nicely mannered, and handsome.  My owner left forever and I need an adult home. I am neutered, and just a nice dog.  Fortunately, my new family prefers the senior set...and for that, they'll get lots of love and doxie kisses.

Sleepy, Chihuahua Cross, Male
Sleepy is a young adult male Chihuahua cross. He's a little shaggy and very cute. This photo taken after his neuter, he was having difficulty with his anaesthesia. He's awake now...and has a great new home.

Sophie, Maltese/Poodle, Female
Sophie is a cute adult female Malti-poo (that's a possible Maltese\Poodle cross). She came from a shelter, lost her owner, but looking hopefully towards the future with her new family.

Terri-poo 1, Mixed Breed, Male
Very tiny. This 4 month-old male Terri poo puppy is adorable...and has a great home!


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