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Success Stories


Here are our dogs who have found new homes.

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Vinnie, Chinese Crested, Male
Classy is a young adult male Chinese Crested. Charcoal in color. In good health, purebred. He's got a great new home in Las Vegas!

Little Guy, Mixed Breed, Male
Little guy is a small adult male dog - Terrier, Chihuahua, Spaniel - who knows? It doesn't matter because Little Guy gets along well with other dogs...and now he has a great new home.

Palomino, Chinese Crested, Male
Palomino is a 6 year-old young adult male palomino-colored purebred Chinese Crested. In good health. Mr. Palomino now has a great home in San Francisco.

Little Dox, mini Dachshund cross, male
Little Dox is a young adult make Doxie cross
who used his time up at Tehachapi shelter. Now he has a great home. Good luck to all of you?!

Tiny Chi, Chihuahua Cross, Male
This tiny older Chihuahua with scruffy terrier-like fur was found in coyote territory by a mom and son walking their dog. He just stepped out from under a bush. Ads have not turned up the owner. He is quite old, has one canine tooth left, loves to eat, and is 3 pounds of cuteness.
Lucky to be alive, little one...and now he has a wonderful forever home. Amazing!

Little Pom, Pomeranian, Male
Littl Pom is an adult male Pomeranian. He's a sweet fella that weighs in at 15 lbs. Nice little boy...he's going to be a great little housedog.

Molly, Mixed Breed, Female
In the dictionary under the expression Good Dog there should be a picture of this girl. She is a mixed breed, fairly large and 6 years old and healthy. That is a dangerous time for a lady of tender heart to be without a family, people generally close the door on middle aged dogs like this. But lucky for Molly, she now has a great home! Best wishes to you all.


Little Bear, Retriever Chow Mix, Male
Little Bear is a young adult mixed breed dog - mostly Retriever. Friendly. Needs some training. Gets along with other dogs...and has a fabulous new "forever home."

Big Bear, Retriever Chow mix

Please note that he is a friendly, people loving dog. Kinda inexperienced but very loving...and should be lovin' it in his new home. Best wishes for all of you!

Boomerang, Terrier mix, male
Boomerang is a young adult male Terrier/doxie cross. Friendly, cute and gets along with other dogs...and his new family, of course!

Gus, Chihuahua/Terrier Mix, Male
Gus has a new home to try - let's hope this is your forever home, Gus!

Little Brenda, Shepherd/Aussie Cross, Female
This very sweet, easy going young girl was found in a dump out in the desert near Phelan. Now she has a great home. Congratulations to you and your new family!

Deter, German Shepherd, Male
Deter is a very handsome young adult German Shepherd. Fabulous ears, and an impressive size. He is a friendly, well mannered dog, seems to like everyone he has met here...including his new family!

Ali, Terrier X, Female
My name is ALI and I am a very nice female Terrier cross. I look like a Fox Terrier that lived too close to a nuclear plant. Bigger than usual Nicer than usual, tho. I am very friendly and like everyone I have been passed around a lot, but now I have a forever home. See ya!


PENNY, Miniature Pinscher, Female
Penney is a 9 month-old very tiny female Min Pin. Friendly, busy and gets along with other dogs. Really little, and really cute. Extra friendly for this breed...and she now has a great home with
• Learn more about Miniature Pinschers...


Guy, Aussie Mix Puppy, Male
Already neutered, this 16 week old Aussie mix puppy was left standing alone when the rest of his litter was placed. Now he has a home of his own. Bye bye - and best wishes.

Little Poodle Guy, Toy Poodle, Male
Little Guy is a 2 year-old male toy poodle, quite small. He did not like the new young child in the family...which is just fine with his new living buddies.

Little Girl, Pomeranian Mix, Female
This sweet little Pom X was brought from a vets close to Bishop, Ca. She had been hit by a car, and no one has claimed her...but now someone has. Best wishes for you in your new home.

Linda, Saulki Cross, Female
Linda now has a great home. Best of luck to you and your new family!

Success story for a little Shar pei cross who jumped into a construction truck and made her own destiny..good job, Shelby.

Pinkie, Dachshund, Female
Pinkie is a female standard black and tan Daschound, 6 years young. She is probably one of the best "all around" dogs we have had in a long time. She has lived with 5 kids, other dogs, and cats. What more could you ask for?
Outgoing and loving. Best of luck to Pinkie and her new family.

Flash, Bassett Hound, Male
Flash is a purebred Bassett Hound. He loves kids, other dogs, and people. Flash is outgoing and will "talk" to you. An adorable guy - his tail wags like a flag...especially when he meets members of his new family.

Buddy, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy is a great, young German Shepherd. He is young, smart, and very, very trainable. He now has a great family to work for and play with!


Chuck, Tabby, Male
Chuck is a 3 year old altered male Tabby and white. Good size. funny, playful, friendly and familiar with dogs. Chuck now has a great new home in Big Bear!

Fluffy Chi, Long hair Chihuahua
Pretty baby is a purebred long haired Chihuahua and comes complete with papers.
Fluffy now has a great new home.

Lucy, Malinois, young female
Lucy is a pure-bred Malinois....and now she has a great new home.
Learn more about the Belgian Malinois...

Bambi, Chihuahua cross, Female
Bambi is puppy - probably a chihuahua cross with a bit of Jack Russel or Rat Terrier tossed in. She will be very small. Very sweet, cute, and used to other dogs. Bambi has a great new home. Congrats!


Susie, Spaniel Mix, Female
Susie is a young adult Spaniel mix. Sweet and pretty. Susie gets along with other dogs. Not a noisy of luck to Susie and her new home.

Scruffy, Beagle X Basset mix, Male
Scruffy is a 2 1/2 year old mixed breed - not scruffy at all. Quite a humorous combination but Scruffy looks so serious. Scruff likes kids and gets along with other dogs. He is not tall, but his tail sure is. Hope his new family doesn't trip on it!

Penelope, Whippet/Lab/?? Mix, Female
1 1/2 year old female dog. I am not very tall
At this young age, I have already had a litter of puppies, but they say I won't have to take care of babies anymore. I am a natural ash blonde. I am whippet and lab and maybe some shar pei I am VERY friendly and I like other dogs. In fact, I like everything, I am happy, cheerful, and fun loving. ... maybe that's what got me into trouble...I hope my new family doesn't mind!

Sporty, Pomeranian, Male
Sporty is a yound adule Pomeranian brought to you all the way from animal control in central California. His time was up.. Now he is here, friendly, outgoing, funny, affectionate and cute as he can be. He is such a handsome, charming dude, you'll fall for him also, nothing wrong with this little guy's attitude

Candy, German Shepherd, Female
Candy is a young adult dog. Busy, friendly, intelligent and loving, she would like to be your best friend. Sweet name, sweet dog, and sweet family. Lots of luck to you all!


German Shepherd, young male
He is playful and still growing...and hopefully will grow right into his great new home.

Earnie, German Shepherd, Male
I am a handsome young German Shepard male. I like to play, and I am very trainable.
Hopefully my new family will enjoying playing as much as I do!

Aussie Cross PUPPIES
We have a litter of 12 Aussie X puppies. Just 8 weeks old (barely). A mixture of boys and girls.
These pups are very pretty....and they all have homes!

Shepherd mix puppies
We have 2 shepherd mix puppies. They are about 12 weeks old. Busy, friendly, smart and growing as you watch them These dogs will be large....and they all have great new homes!

Dusty, German Shepherd, Male
Dusty is a beautiful longhaired German Shepard boy. Black and tan very young adult Gorgeous dog, friendly, willing and outgoing. Dusty now has a great new home. Lots of luck to Dusty and his new family.

Peeper, Dachshund, Female
Hi, I'm Peeper. I am a 5 year old girl and very friendly. Other dogs pick on me, sometimes I think I have a bite me sign on my cute black and tan self. What's up with that? I like people a lot, and I sure like my new family. I'm sure they won't bite me!

Carolee, Dachshund, Female
I am a doxie lady. I am very friendly and get along with other dogs. I ate a little too much last week, so I am on a diet this week. I hate diets. I think I look just fine. Don't I have lovely red ears? My new family sure thinks so. Now if I can only convince them that I don't need a diet...

Sampson, Labrador Retriever, Male
Sampson is a 1 1/2 year old male pure-bred pale yellow lab. VERY handsome. Comes with a pedigree and a happy face. Sampson now has a great home...Lots of labby fun to you all!


Phoebe, Dachshund, Female
I am overweight and worried. I am a fine doxie female adult. I have been over indulged and then abandoned. Now Phoebe has a forever home - and a new diet.

Emily, Dachshund, Female
This is Emily. She is a young adult chocolate smooth haired Doxie with a gentle nature and very, very sweet. She is getting along with our other dogs. Poor Emily, she loved her new human baby so much, she started threatening people who came near it. Now Emily has a new family - to protect.

Little Jenny-O, Pomeranian, Female
Jenny-O is a 6-year old Pomeranian. She was in a yard with burrs, so her people had her clipped down. By winter she should be a ball-o-fluff again. She was named Jenny and overfed, so they called her Jenny-o. Little Jenny now has a new family - and a strict diet.

Patty, Parti- Pomeranian, Female
My name is Patty. I am a 2 year old purebred parti-pom. I weigh about 4 pounds. I have luxating patellas, that means my knees are kinda strange. You can look it up. It does not hurt me, and I get along fine. Now I have a great home with someone who doesn't mind funny knees!

Buddy, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy is a great, young German Shepherd. He is young, smart, and very, very trainable. Now buddy has some great new "buddies" to guard, play with and care for.


Sunni, Anatolian Shepherd, Female
Beautiful young dog. Sunni is very large, but
quiet and appears to be quite gentle. Anatolian Shepherds are primarily sheepdogs and protectors for cattle herds. Sunni was spayed on 9/23. She currently weighs about 90 lbs - but should be about 140 lbs or so when mature. Sunni has found a great home...but you can still learn more about the Anatolian Shepherd...

Bella, Pomeranian, Female
Bella is a 3-year old adult Pomeranian...and now she has a wonderful home. Congratulations to Bella and her new family.

Sue, Billy Hound, young adult female
Sue found a home in the desert - all the way out in Twentynine Palms. Best of luck to Sue and her new family.
Read about Sue's adoption...

Fairwind, German Shepherd, Female
Fairwind is a young adult female with high energy. She carries her food bowl around and needs attention and toys. Now she has a good home to guard.

Schon Seele, German Shepherd, Male
(it means beautiful soul)
This handsome, registered, purebred young male GSD of large stature is under one year old. His owner was just disgnosed with a terrible terminal disease. He has asked us to find his lovely pup a good home....and we did!

Licorice, Pomeranian, Male
My name is Licorice. I'm a male pomeranian and weigh in at about 6 lbs. I get along with other dogs...and I found a great new home!

Ginger, terrier mix, female
This young female was left to die out in the desert. She was being cared for by a lady in her 70's who had a lot of other dogs that had been dumped on her. We found Ginger with a case of mange, pregnant, and very shut down.

Here's what her new mom has to say:
Just a short note to let you know how much we love our new "child". She is a real joy...and we doubt that we could have found a more perfect pet at any price! "Ginger" refused to answer to her name so we found her a new one that she liked better. It only took her one day to start answering to "Annie"...her full name is "Arfin' Annie". She asked me to write and let you know that she really enjoys being TOP DOG in her own home and her new Daddy is wrapped around her paw. She already appears to have gained a little weight, she "talks" when you talk to her, she is so gentle and sleeps in the bedroom with Mom & Dad.

Bobbie, Adult Female Pomeranian
She has a beutiful cream color.
Although she lost her tail as a tiny puppy,
she has a cute hair tuft where the tail should be. She is friendly, and very cute.

Cooper, 3 year old adult male POMERANIAN
He is very sweet, and very small
afraid of children, but a real clinger.
He is afraid of falling,  so he holds on tight

She is an adult, friendly and very tiny.

Zorro, German Shepherd, Male
Zorro has a new home. Congratulations to Zorro and his new family.

Rusty, Brittany Spaniel Mix, Male
Rusty has also found a happy home.

Simon, Young Adult, Male, Brittany mix
Simon is has found a loving home. Congratulations!


Kayla, German Shepherd/Beagle
Kayla has a new home. Congratulations to you all!

Charlie, Sharpei Mix, Male
Charlie has finally found a home where he can be wrinkly and relaxed.

Cookie, Rhodesian Mix, Female
Cookie is friendly, busy, and now has a new home!

Adult female black doxie
...found a wonderful forever home.

Lab mix, Young female
Sunshine has found a fabulous home.

Charlie, Adult, Male, German Shepherd
Charlie has found a loving home. Congratulations to Charlie and his new buddies.

Mr Friendly, young lab mix, male
Mr. Friendly has found a loving home to grow into. Congratulation!

Older adult mini Doxie
Has found new owners to share a home with. Congratulations to you both!

Older adult Llasa Apso has found a new "forever home." Congratulations!

Mr Mystery,
Mr Mystery found a loving home. Congratulations!

Buddy, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy and his new family. " I never thought I would find such a great dog." says dad as he and Buddy walked out the door. Buddy is taking obedience classes from us and is doing famously.
Good luck to you all.

Giselle, Setter Mix, Female
Giselle and Philip on their way to a new life
It was love at first sight

Umka, Karelian Bear Dog
Umka has been adopted. Best wishes to Umka an his new family. Click here to learn more about the Karelian Bear Dog and see a better photo of Umka...

Chelsie, Labrador, female
Chelsie has beed adopted by a very special friend, Anita, who was a volunteer at the kennel. Anita has been accepted at several colleges, including UC Davis on a full scholarship, and is studying to be a Veterinarian. Good luck to both of you: Chelsie and Anita!

Keirnan-the-unnamed, Airedale
Keirnan has found a wonderful new companion to share fun and good times with.

Sean O'Hara
Sean has been adopted by a loving family in Bermuda Dunes. But you can still see a better picture of Sean
... and learn more about the Irish Wolfhound...


John Doe, Labrador Retriever, Male
John Doe has been adopted by a very special young lady and her family. He now has a name: Dudley; and is doing famously in obedience classes. Congratulations to Dudley and his new friend!

Scribbles, mixed-breed, female
Scribbles has a new 9-year-old buddy to play with. Best of luck to Scribbles, her family, and her buddy!


Punkin, Collie/Shepherd Mix, female

Blue, Mixed Heeler, male
Blue was found wandering on the freeway...but now has a home.



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