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Success Stories


Here are our dogs who have found new homes.

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Labby puppies and Heeler pups all have homes

King, Chihuahua/Terrier Cross, Male
King is a young adult male aptly named because he is the "boss". King would make a very good only dog, he likes to boss other dogs around. Now King has a whole family to boss around.

Luigi, Retriever/Lab cross, Male
My name is Luigi and I am a fine young Retriever cross. They got me out of the shelter just as the sand in the hourglass ran out..phew..that was close. I am friendly, big, bushy tailed, and I like other dogs.  Now I have a great family to look after. Life is grand!

Sweater Boy, Chihuahua, Male
Little sweater boy was found huddled at a shelter with a tiny sweater on. Now I have a great family - maybe they'll get me a new sweater!

Tiny 2, poodle terrier cross, puppy
Tiny2 is about 4 months old. This pup will probably weigh no more than 6 lbs when fully grown. He is the boss of the new family, tho.

Fetch, Springer/Cocker Spaniel Cross, Male
Fetch is a cute, young male spaniel of some sort - most likely springer or cocker mix. He will not be a large dog. We sprung this springer from the shelter on his last day. He's only 8 months-old. Fetch is young, happy, and ready to play with you. Very loveable!...and he has a great new home! Way to go Fetch.

Missy, Chihuahua, Female
Missy is a four month old Chihuahua. She is very small, and very shy and sweet. Why is she here? "The wife said either she goes or I do." Husband says he thought twice about it, but here she is. Of course she needs some training, she's just a puppy!
Glad to know her new home will train her up. Best of luck to you all!

Glen, Heeler/Aussie Mix, Male
Glen is a mixture of Heeler, Australian shepherd and probably some other things. He is a very nice young adult male, found wandering. Glen was never claimed. He would make a nice yard dog, or second dog. Glen is pleasant and quiet. He is the sort of dog that is often overlooked...but not this time. Glen has great new home.

Lady, German Shepherd, female
I am another gentle, young female German Shepherd who has found a home thanks to All Breed Dog Rescue.

Australian Shepart X female
This puppy was born in December. She's mostly Aussie. Smart, quiet, friendly and pretty. This breed is very hard working and wants a job to do. Not a good dog if you work all day and have no time to play.  GREAT kids dog..she'll wear them out for you.  You need a fenced yard, and time for training.  Very intelligent, you must be smarter than this puppy to own her...and now she's with a mom and lots of girls. Have fun!

Punky is a young adult female Terrier of some sort. Very sweet, and very silly looking.  She has a topnot we have never seen on any other dog.  You might call her a terrier with a mohawk. Adorable and small. Now, she has a great home. Lots of luck to you all!

ED, Mixed Breed, Male

Ed is a Rhodesian Ridgeback with perhaps a bit of German Shepherd or maybe not - your guess is as good as ours. However, Ed is totally blind.  He was found wandering...literally. He was  never claimed. Ed is quiet and sweet. When he senses someone is around, he will jump up on you and give kisses. He ADORES people. This might be one of the most interesting and sweet dogs ever.  We just do not know what will happen to him. Ed now has a good home.

Angel, Poodle, Female
My name is Angel, and I am a young adult female poodle.  I have spent my time in an animal shelter, and I was not in very good condition before I arrived.  No one really noticed me, and I spent  my days unnoticed and wet until I was very smelly and sad.  I have been spayed, had surgery for a small tumor on my neck, and have been groomed.  Now I have a great home - hooray!

Brutus, Dachshund/Chihuahua, Male
Dear Brutus is a doxi-chi cross. He is a young adult about 1 year old. Tough name for such a little guy.  He is adorable.  He would do well as an only dog...which he will be in his new home. Congratulations to you all.

Tiny Cinders, Terrier/Chihuahua Mix, Female
Cinders is short for Cinderella...and she's a very small Terrier X Chihuahua mix. Cinders couldn't be cuter, or sweeter. She used up all her time at the animal shelter, so we brought her here. She is spayed and only about 10-12 months old. Cinders now has a loving new home. You go girl!

Daddy Dox, mini Dachshund cross, male
Daddy dox is an adult male mini doxie cross. Black with a white star on his chest, Daddy dox is a handsome fellow. He is shy, a little afraid of strangers, and holds on for dear life when you hold him. Precious and teeny-tiny. "Dad" is terrified to have anyone touch his neck, it may be a clue of some sort, and definately a problem for him. He is currently wearing a harness as a "handle". Once you get him into your arms, he holds on for dear life.

Cookie, Cocker Spaniel, Female
Cookie is a 7 year-old, female Cocker Spaniel. She is very light in color, sweet natured, likes other dogs and kids. Reason for relinquishment: "too much upkeep." That means occasional grooming and clipping and ear cleaning....which she will get in her great new home.

Bogart, Chow/GSD cross, Male
This handsome young man is Bogart, a 16 week old Chow X Shepard puppy. Smart, handsome, and loveable, he will be neutered, up to date on shots, and microchipped. No preschool children, please.
Bogart is now in a great new home.

Andy, Lhasa Apso, Male
Andy, Lhasa Apso was found in horrible condition. Never claimed. Our groomer did wonders with this friendly young dog. As you can see, Andy gives kisses. Now he will be giving them to his new mom. Congratulations!


Tiny Terrier, Schnauzer, Male

Tiny came from the animal shelter. He is a young adult dog with genetic cataracts that are the result of poor breeding. He is sweet and loving...but he is slowly going blind, and will become completely blind in a couple of years. He paws at his head as tho he is trying to clear his vision. Tiny has a great new home.

Tigger, Poodle, Male
He is very fuzzy,sweet and cute as can be.
He is about 10 months old, neutered and not much of a barker. Tigger seems to get along with everyone, loves to be cuddled..the groomer loved him...and his new family does, too. Congratulations!

Pancho, Chihuahua, Male
Pancho is a young adult Chihuahua mix. We made up name - he'd probably love to have a new one! Pancho arrived here, unnamed, from a shelter on his last day. He's a very nice little guy and gets along with other dogs. Right now, Pancho is busy wiggling his way into his new family's heart. Lots of luck to you all.


Meredith, Miniature schnauzer
Meredith is a very young adult Mini schnauzer.
Adorable and nice tempered. Meredith now has a great new home. Best of luck to you all.

Sugar, Poodle, Female
My name is Sugar and I am a young toy poodle girl. My mom has to work so long she never has time for me, so she askes that someone who can spend time with me take me home.  Now, I have a new mom to look after. Whew!

Mario, Heeler cross, Male
Mario is a young adult male Heeler cross. Friendly, affectionate, hearty, and likes other dogs. Mario barely made it out of the shelter alive...that was a close one. He is a nice, young dog, and now has a great new family.

Terri-poo 1, Mixed Breed, Male
Very tiny. This 4 month-old male Terri poo puppy is adorable...and has a great home!


Terri-poo 2, Mixed Breed, Male
Very tiny...and littermate of Terri-poo 1, this 4 month-old male puppy is adorable....and has a great home!

Mikey German Shepherd
Young male about 10 months old. Fun, and playful...ready to train and ready to have fun with his new family.

Fawn, Chihuahua cross, Female
Doesn't Fawn look like a tiny deer? She's actually a 6-8 month-old chihuahua cross. Fawn used up her time at the animal shelter, so we brought her here... Lucky little fawn now has a great new home!

Muchi, Pug/Chihuahua Mix, Female
Muchi is a female Pug Chi cross who is about 6 months old. She's as sweet as she is tough looking..adorable. Muchi was out of time at the shelter, but she'sgot a great home now!

Mugzie, Silkie Terrier cross, male
Mugzie is a terrier cross, about 2 years old. He's cute, friendly, small, and very terrier. Mugzie doesn't seem to have any particular. Now Mugzie has a great home.

Little BUDDY, Mixed Breed, Male
Buddy is a 9 month-old neutered male. He will not be a large dog. Buddy is a mix of Whippet Terrier and/or Beagle. Really cute, friendly, playful. A wonderful kids pet, a good little family dog...and he now has a great home complete with an Akita friend!

Sadie, German Shepherd, Female
Sadie is a 3 year-old German Shepherd. She is outgoing, friendly, and a little dominant. She is currenty living with Max, a male GSD. She now has a great new family! Hooray!

BUDDY, German Shepherd, Male
Buddy is 7 months...and still growing. This boy is going to be huge and handsome. This is what happens when dad comes home with a dog and the family wanted a little house pet. Dad, what were you thinking? Buddy now has a great place - and a good Dad.

Max, German Shepherd, Male
Max is a young adule GSD, about 3 years old. This handsome, loving big bodied guy loves kids, other dogs, cats and has nice house manners. This is an all around "good dog" who now has a "good" family. Best of luck to you all.


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