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Here are some resources that we have found on the web...

...Shopping & Doggie Sitting

    The place to go if you need someone to walk your dogs.

    This is a great place to find beautiful collars for whippets, sitehounds, and any other breed you'd care to pamper.

  • Cottage Hound Designs
    Looking for a whippet or greyound coat? jammies? jacket? Look no further. We especially like the whippet jammies.

  • The Dog Couch
    Various dog supplies. Also provides a list of rescue groups.

...About Dog Breeds

  • The American Kennel Club
    This site has excellent information about dog breeds, care, and training.

  • Specific Breeds
    This dog site is full of information about dogs and puppies.

  • Orange Empire Dog Club
    This site lists reputable breeders and breed rescue groups in the Inland area of Southern California.

  • dogs
    Also known as "dogmania," this site has breed information and more. If it's about dogs, you'll probably find it here.

...About Dog Care

...About Purchasing/Adopting a Puppy

  • See our article on what to consider before adopting or purchasing a puppy.

  • The Senior Dog Project
    This site discusses the advantages of adopting a "senior" dog.
    If you want a dog without the "work" of training a puppy, a senior dog may be just the ticket!

  • Buying a Purebred Puppy
    This site covers all of the considerations you should make before purchasing a puppy.

  • No Puppy Mills
    Puppy mills are irresponsible breeders who often sell their puppies to pet stores. This site has compelling reasons not to purchase pets from pet stores that support irresponsible breeding.

  • So You Wanna Choose the Right Dog?
    This site has information to help you select the best breed of dog for you life/lifestyle.

  • Getting a Dog
    A good article about choosing a dog by Cindy Tittle Moore. As, and added benefit, the article takes a scientific look at purebred vs. mixed breed dogs. You may be surprised by her findings!

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