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Adopted Whippets & Greyhounds - pg 2

past adoptions and stories...

Boyscout, Greyhound, Male
BOYSCOUT is a young, 10 months to one year old male Greyhound. He is the real deal. His new dad had a sudden job transfer and couldn't move with this dear boy. Boyscout now has a great new home.

GHOST, Greyhound Cross, Male
Ghost is still a baby, less than a year old. He is a lurcher: a mix of sighthounds. Sighthounds hunt with their eyes instead of their noses and are what we know as racing breeds. This dog is particularly appealing, loving and large. He is what Greyhound people call a "fuzzy". Adorable, sweet and everything these breeds are known for. Ghost is now lounging by the koi pond (and occasionally falling in) - living the good life.

Frosty, Whippet, Male
Frosty is a pure white 6 month old male Whippet. He comes with huge dark eyes, a beautiful black nose, a nice pedigree and some baggage all of his own.

Read more about Frosty...

LOLA, Great Dane X Greyhound, Female of the nicest dogs ever, has been adopted by a great new family in Redondo Beach. Lola will have nice grassy yard - and a block wall to keep her safe.


Theo, Afghan, Male
Theo is a 4 year old purebred Afghan. He has been stripped down, the photo shows him in full coat. He is black and tan and is flying to a new home in San Francisco.

SANDY, Greyhound Mix, Female
Sandy is a young adult female Greyhound X Irish Wolfhound.

Update 03/06:
It has been exactly one year since we adopted Sandy, aka Skylar Lee, and we wanted to convey our utmost thanks for bringing her into our lives! It has been a wonderful success story. Almost from the beginning, she came and seemed to take her place. She and Rory never - and I repeat never - fight. I think he is the boss. Having said that, she seems to get practically everything she wants from him - and us.

She has been obedience and rattlesnake trained. She plays ball and catches a frisbee. She'd like to be a lap dog, but is content to lay on the couch in my daughter's room or on the chair in the spare bedroom. She has dog beds when it occurs to her that she is a dog!

Steve, Beth, Kelsey, Rory and Skye/Sandy Lee

Read more about Lurchers...

Sitting pretty in Mom's lap!

TEENY, IG Cross, Female
Teeny arrived here as an Italian Greyhound. We figure that this little girl is probably at least part Italian...with a bit of Chihihua. Teeny does have very long legs. She also arrived with a bite out of her rump, she was running from something! Teeny won't have to run anymore...she now has a great new home.

ROCKETMAN, Greyhound, Male
Rocket is a young adult about one year or so old. He is a purebred Greyhound male who arrived from Central California transported by Greyhound Adoption Center.
Rocket is very pretty, very sweet and gets along with other dogs. He now has a great home with Dessa (a.k.a. Desert Dancer)
Read more about Rocket...

FLASH, Whippet, Male
Flash is a young adult male purebred Whippet. Very tiny, and very pretty. Flash has a wonderful new forever home...but you can still read about him.

Read more about Flash...

Beth, Whippet, Female
Beth is seven months old. She is a "bully-type" whippet with a moderate overbite. Poor Beth broke her hock at ten weeks old and it healed a little crooked - she has a
slight limp when walking but none at all when running and playing. Beth now has a wonderful new home.



Vladimir is a four year old male neuter parti-colored dog with medium coat. He is a big graceful boy. He is sweet and friendly, and is living the good life in the Fairfax district of Los Angeles.
Read more about Vladimir...

RUF, Afghan/Whippet Male
RUF is a 7 year old Afghan X Whippet mix. He arrived from Central California with his sister and littermate, Penny. Their mom has gone into a convalescent home and can no longer care for her dogs. They have been around children, old people and 20 cats. This is rare for sighthounds! We have fallen in love with this sweet boy. He is very vocal, he narrates everything he is doing. Ruf chatters all the time you are doing stuff with him. He is adorable. Best wishes to Ruff and his new family.

Kersey, Whippet, Female
Kersey is a 6 year-old registered female whippet. This Whippet is from racing lines, but she has been a house pet. Kersey is loving and devoted, she LOVES to take walks, and she is very sweet...and has a great new home.

Read more about Kersey...

Smiley, Whippet, Male
Smiley is a 9 year old male Whippet. He's very handsome. He should be an only dog and he does not enjoy the company of children. Now Smiley has a great new home - which is something to smile about!

PENNY, whippet/Afghan Mix Female
Penny is a 7 year old Afghan X Whippet female. She is the size of a whippet with an afghan face. Penny is very sweet, mild mannered and has lived with old people, kids and many cats...she is one of our few cat safe doggies. Penny now has a wonderful new home.

Lady, Whippet Cross, Female
LADY is an older female - mostly Whippet. She has nice manners, and is VERY loving...and now has a new man in her life. Good luck, Lady and Fritz.

CHANCE, Whippet, Male
Chance is a purebred male very young adult Whippet. He was adopted with Roxy. Roxy is a young adult female Greyhound/Whippet/Retriever cross. She is a VERY loving, nicely tempermented dog. She's tall and soft, lovely to snuggle with.

Read more about Chance & Roxy...

Angel, Whippet, Female
Angel is a female whippet who was grossly overfed and under-exercised. When she arrived, Angel weighed in at 70 lbs. This is quite an accomplishment for a dog who would normally weigh 30 lbs or less.

Today, Angel is whippet sized - and leading her home pack of grey hounds. Good going, Angel!

Updated 10/18/04 - Read more about Angel...


San Diego Rescue:
Jenna, Whippet, Female

Jenna is a 6 year old AKC-registered lady whippet from the San Diego area. She now has a new home.


This photo is not Jenna - but she is fawn and white.

COSMO, Whippet, Male
Cosmo is a precious young whippet who has a new home!

Renee, Whippet, Female
Renee is a pure-bred, registered female whippet - 18 months old. She is sweet, loving, and everything you could want in a whippet girl. She now has a great new home.

Read more about Renee...

Pip, Whippet, Male
Handsome Pip now has a lovely new home in Kelsey with a cat and a Great Pyrenees.

Ruby, Cirnoco dell'Etna, Female
Ruby is a 5-year old Cirnoco dell'Etna, a very rare type of Italian sight hound. She looks like a tiny Pharoah Hound - slightly bigger than an Italian Greyhound. Ruby now resides in San Francisco.

Read more about Ruby...

KATERI, Whippet/Lab Cross, Female
Kateri is a 1 year old Whippet/Lab mix. She now has a great new home. Lots of luck coming your way Kateri!

Read more about Dakota...


SKIP, Whippet, Male
Skip is a 6 year old male purebred Whippet. Handsome, well mannered and still a very playful, cheerful guy. Gets along with other dogs, is housetrained, cratetrained and has had a nice career as a lure courser.
Skip is lnow has a loving family.

Buddy, Whippet, Male
Buddy is a 4 year-old registered male whippet. This Whippet is from racing lines, but he has been a house pet with his sister, Kersey.
Read more about Buddy...


Travesia, Whippet, Female
It means mischevious.  She is a fun and loving dog. She would like to be someone's pal...and now she has one!
Read more about Travesia...

Prince, Whippet, Male
Prince is a well-bred male whippet who recently returned to rescue. He is a bit larger than your average whippet - but sweet tempered and a perfect gentleman.

Prince would like to be an only dog.
Read more about Prince...


Scarlett, Whippet, Female
STUNNING small, young whippet needs a secure home, crate training, leash walking and would love to have another whippet in the family. She now has a great home.
Read more about Scarlett...

Digger, Whippet/Afghan Male
Boo Boo and Trigger came to us from the Fresno Humane Society. These big boys both finally have homes.
Read more about Digger...

Gwen, Whippet, Female
This stunning, small red brindle whippet is very sweet, and a little shy. She has a wonderful whippet home and the company of a gentleman whippet.
Read more about Gwen...


Mr Right, Whippet, Male
If you've been looking for an older, well-behaved whippet gentleman, Mr. Right was here. He now has a great home.
Read more about Mr Right...


Bubbles, Lurcher, Female
BUBBLES (we didn't name her) is a sighthound cross - most likely greyhound and whippet. This cross is called a "lurcher." Bubbles is a young female. Very nice natured, beautiful to watch. She was named Bubbles for her "bubbly" personality.
Read more about Bubbles...
Read more about Lurchers...

Zoe, Italian Greyhound, Female
Zoe is a larger Italian Greyhound (17 lbs). She could also be considered a small whippet. Zoe has chosen the kennel as her home...and we are happy to have her here with us.
Read more about Zoe...

Mamaroo, Whippet, Female
Mamaroo is a very pretty 11 year-old whippet lady. She came to us because her owner got their angel wings. Extremely beautiful and loving dog, a little frightened, but she will put her head right into the pocket of your heart and keep it there.

Read more about Mamaroo...

Evie, Whippet, Female
Evie is a pure-bred 4 year-old female whippet with special needs. She is a loving and friendly dog who enjoys the company of people...but not other dogs.
Read more about Evie...

Kaia, Afghan/Standard Poodle, Female
Kaia is an 8 month-old female Afghan Standard Poodle cross. She is what happens when a standard Poodle and an Afghan do more than go bowling on a date!
Read more about Kaia...

Henna, Pharoh Hound Cross, Female
If you are looking for a FABULOUS, exotic, and loving companion, stop here. This big girl is a love sponge. She is young (barely a year old?), and needs some obedience work, but she wants to please. She has liked everyone she has met and is gentle. Henna is a sighthound cross called a Lurcher.
Read more about Henna...
Read more about Lurchers...


Zoomy Zoie, Whippet, Female
Zoomy is now Zuma - and her adoption is complete. She's in a great home...and having a ball!
Read more about Zoomy Zoie...

Merlyn, Whippet, Male
Merlyn has a great new home. Not only are people at home - but there are lots of other whippets, too.

Read more about Merlyn...

Zack, Whippet, Male
Zack is a displaced 9 year-old purebred whippet gentleman. He looks and acts much younger than his years. Zack now has a forever home.
Read more about Zack...


Jake, Borzoi/Greyhound Cross, Male
Jake is turning out to be quite a big love. See his success photos.
Read more about Jake...


Rosebud, Whippet, Female
Rosebud is an adult (7 year-old) purebred whippet lady. She has spent most of her life in a kennel...but now she is learning about living in a home.
Read more about Rosebud...

Bingo, Whippet/Basenji, Female
Bingo is a Whippet/Basenji cross. Nearly two years now, Bingo was found as a puppy - out in the desert and left to die with her sister. Now, she has a new name (Sparkie) and a new fella (Patrick)...and she's off to start a new life in Monterey.
Read more about Bingo...

Louie-Louie, whippet, male
Hi. My name is Louie Louie.
I come complete with my own pedigree, fawn and white markings and really cute black ears. I have some great new folks to live with.
Read more about Louie Louie...

Linda, Saulki Cross, Female
This is Linda. She's a Saluki mix, under a year old. Linda was taken from a shelter where she was sent as a stray. Now she'll be living the good life in her new home. Congratulations to all!

Read more about Linda...

Saluki crosses are often called "lurchers." Read more about lurchers...

Desert Dancer, Greyhound Cross, Female
Dancer came all the way from Tehachapi where she had been roaming for some time, out in the desert. Read Dancer's amazing story...
Read more about Desert Dancer...

Sight hound crosses are often called "Lurchers."
Read more about lurchers...


Speedy, Whippet, Male
Speedy is very much loved by his dad who brought him into rescue because his job now takes him away from his dog for long periods of time. Are you home most of the day? Need a pal? Speedy might just be the companion for you.
Read more about Speedy...

Pinafore, Whippet, Female
This beautiful girl's older owner passed away, and left her in a kennel. She now has a warm home and nice soft bed.
Read more about Pinafore...



Buttercup, Whippet, Female
Buttercup is an adult female purebred Whippet about 6 years old. Her owner died...she now has a forever home.
Read more about Buttercup...

Mack, Whippet, Male
Handsome young adult male purebred Whippet gets along with other dogs, and LOVES to be petted, walked and played with. Mack was adopted with Mela - and will be living in Folsom.
Read more about Mack...

Mela, Whippet, Female
This cute, curious, friendly and beautiful little girl has it all. She needs it all too, including a leash at all times.
Mela was adopted with Mack and will be living in Folsom.
Read more about Mela...

Princess, Whippet, Female
Princess is a 5 year-old female whippet. She is beautiful...and gets along well with other dogs...and now has a great new home.
Read more about Princess...


Happy, Whippet, Female
Happy is quite possibly the funniest dog on the planet. She would love to have a lot of attention — and she'll certainly be getting it in her new home!
Read more about Happy...



Molly, Italian Greyhound, Female
Molly is an adult Italian Greyhound. Very sweet, loving and lonely...her owner became very ill and could no longer care for her. Molly now has a new home and family to love.
More photos of Molly...


Puppy, Whippet, Male
Very unusual to have in rescue:
a 16-week old purebred Whippet puppy. Pup will be neutered, microchipped and current on his shots. Puppy now has a great new home. Lots of luck to you all!


Sophia, Borzoi Cross, Female
Sophia is beautiful, young Borzoi cross. Lanky, grizzle-coated and elegant, Sophia has hopefully found her forever home.
Read more about Sophia...


Winston, Whippet, Male
Winston is a young adult Whippet. Playful, friendly, loving, he likes kids, in fact, he was raised as a child's pet. Handsome and loyal Winston wants to be an only dog
Read more about Winston...


Cameo and Chase
... have both been adopted.
Cameo and Chase were both very young pure-bred greyhound puppies rescued from a shelter in Central California. VERY beautiful...and very unusual to have puppies like this in rescue. The photo shows Cameo on top of her brother

Read more about Chase...
Read more about Cameo...


Plain Brown Wrapper, whippet, male
We call him Wrapper. He is
a 4 year-old adult race-bred Whippet. Wrapper crawled on to the grass at a school yard in an area of San Bernardino to weak to raise his head.
Read more about Wrapper...

ELise, Borzoi cross, Female
Elise, a 5-month old lurcher came to us. from a Central California shelter with her sister, Sophia. She has a great new home!
Read more about Elise...

Sight hound crosses are often called "Lurchers."
Read more about lurchers...

Binky, whippet, male
Very young, male whippet. Handsome, smart and trainable.
Read more about Binky...


Zipper, whippet, male
Zipper is a 6 month old male purebred Whippet. Funny, silly, and full of himself, Zipper has a great new home.
Read more about Zipper...



Sue, Greyhound/Irish Wolfhound cross, young adult female
Very nice tempered, and very quiet.
A striking dog, very short coat and well muscled body. She probably has some "shaggy" littermates.

Sue found a great new home in Twentynine palms. Probably the only Irish Wolfhound who would be comfortable out there! Congratulations to Sue and her new family.

Read more about Sue...

This Billy Hound could be your next friend...

Willy, Italian greyhound x, male
Unusual mix of Italian Greyhound and Saluki, Willy is a bright, happy, kid-friendly dog...who now has a great home.
Read more about Willy...


Puccini, Whippet, Male
Puccini has found some whippet folks to hang with...maybe even take in a race or two!
Read more about Puccini ...


Spotty, Whippet, Male
Has found a great home.
Read more about Spotty...


Golli, Slippet, Female
Golli is a slippet: a Saluki-Whippet cross, also called a lurcher. She has finally found a "forever" home.
about Golli...
more about Lurchers...

Cooper Whippet-Ibizan cross
Cooper has found a wonderful new home. Best of luck to you and your new buddies.


Storm, Whippet, Male
Storm has a great new Wisconsin.

about Storm and his adoption...




Elvis, Whippet, male
ELVIS and his new family on their way home. Have fun, and take care of each other

Diva, Whippet, Female

Diva has a new home in Lake Crowley, California.

Read about Diva...

Kismet/male, purebred Afghan Hound
Kismet has a new home in Corona. He is doing fine - learning how to live with other afghans.

Read about Kismet...

Sandy, Lurcher, Female
Sandy has been adopted and is now living in San Fransico. Congratulations!

Click here to see a better photo of Sandy and learn more about Lurchers...

Susanna Whippet, Female

Susanna was adopted by a loving couple in San Diego.


Devo, Whippet, Male
Devo found a wonderful family to dine with!
Read About Devo...

Mimi, Italian Greyhound Mix, Female
Mimi has been adoped.
Read about Mimi...

Prince, Whippet, Male
Prince is now living happily in Napa.
read about Prince's adoption...


Dude, Whippet, Male
See Dude's "mom" and read about his happy recovery.
read about Dude's new life...

Smokey, Whippet, Male
Smokey has a new home...and a new buddy.
read about Smokey's adoption...

Mystery Girl, we call her "Daisy"
Daisy is beautiful, older whippet.
about Daisy's adoption...

Bear, Whippet, Male
Bear is a very young (7 mos) male whippet. It is very rare for us to have such a young, AKC-registered whippet.
about Bear's adoption...

American Whippet Rescue # 11
We call him "Levin"
Levin has a new home in Tahoe.
more about Levin...
read about Levin's adoption...

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All Hail His Majesty ::Caesar::
(D'Mar's Carpe Diem)
Caesar was adopted, and came back home. Read more to find out why.
Read more about Caesar


Ceasar is waiting for a very special home...

Doubletime has found a home...
Read more about Doubletime


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