About Angel...

UPDATE on Angle Whippet 3/07:
I am sorry to report that Angel is not doing very well. The lipomas have been growing like mad. I took her in for her checkup and the vet found some very aggressive melanomas that are not operable. And there are several spots on her lungs, too.

Angel does not have a lot of time left, but nobody knows how much. Could be a month, or as much as a year. Right now she seems reasonably comfortable and happy. She is eating regularly (and stealing whatever she can). As long as she is not in pain and has a good quality of life, I will be grateful for every day she is here.


For those of you who remember Angel, the close to 80 pound Whippet bitch that was delivered to Mary at the park during a race practice....here is a current photo.

Pam Barker, mom of several Greyhounds, has done wonders with her. It has taken a couple of years, but if you remember what she looked like, how depressed and close to death she was, you will be thrilled to see this photo of Angel, now. I know it made my day.


Angel is now a svelt 32 lbs!
...and she has a new name: Angel Bird Killer of Yucca Valley. Her owner reports:

Last summer she caught, killed and ate a bluejay. I saw her do it. And she must be snacking between meals because I found some fresh feet and feathers when I did some poop patrol.

Good hunting, Angel!


ANGEL is 37 lbs and jumps in and out of her mommy's van and can keep up with her Greyhound brother and sister in Yucca Valley. 

Angel is now a permanent member of her foster home.  She clearly adores her "mom". Thank you Pam,  from everyone who has seen her, for loving  and caring for this wonderful dog who was as close to dying as anything we have ever seen. 

Angel Update 12/04

Here is a photo of Angel (lower right) with her Grey Hound pals. We hear that she is the leader of the pack!

Angel Update 10/2004

I just want to let you know that Angel has turned into a first-class whippet.  She schemes to get what she wants.  A guest and I were sitting in a pair of recliners one evening.  Angel kept going to the door and to my friend and to me and back again, whimpering all the time.  My friend got up to let her out.  The little twit turns away from the door and makes a mad dash for the recliner and leaps into it.  What a sneak!  And, of course, I couldn't correct her because we were both laughing too hard.  And all this from Miss I-can't-possibly-get-into-the-van-without-help.
She is very close to her goal.  She weighed in this week at 43.9 pounds. And she is really looking like a whippet now instead of that miserably unhappy, obese dog that moved into my home originally.


Angel Update
At 45 lbs, Angel has lost almost an entire female whippet.

She is very happy with her foster mom and her handsome Greyhound brother and sister.

She's still losing, and becoming more athletic every day. Angel is sure she is the princess of the universe and her mom kinda lets her believe it.

Looking good Angel...keep it up

Angel and her foster mom. They have a lot to learn from each other. Mom has a big heart and wants to help Angel become strong and healthy again.
Angel wants someone to love.

When She Came to Us...

Her name is Angel. She is a female whippet who has been overfed and under exercised... grossly. She was brought to us by Ann Billups.

This normal sized, very pretty faced girl is 70 lbs.
even her feet are fat, and her tail is flat against her bottom. She has rashes in places you can guess, and very coarse hair.  She smelled kinda bad before her antiseptic bath.

She has been to the vet, her heart is thankfully in good condition, and amazingly so.  He blood tests are not yet in.

She is on a special diet which has to be cooked for her, she is being given baby aspirin and patted with cornstarch.  She can walk about 40 yards, and then she goes back to her kennel, but she tries.

Angel is sweet, needs a lot of reassurance, and is depressed. She will be here a long time.

If you would like to help support her time here, please do, if you are in the area and want to say a few words of encouragement to her, she would like that also.  Angel is a nice dog.  We have seen this before, she is the worst, however.  Angel is very sensitive, she knows something is terribly wrong.

When these pictures were taken, Angel had already lost some weight. Thank you, Ann for bringing her, we are glad she is here, and she will be here for a long time, taking it off slowly.