Bruiser Updates...

Just wanted to let you know that Turbo (aka Bruiser) had his operation yesterday. My kids renamed him as he is: Turbo Terrific! I have faxed his Certificate of Castration to Patricia at All Breed Rescue.

I spoke to Patrica briefly and told her that people cannot believe that he has only been with the family a week. He has settled in beautifully. This past week has been a week of discovery. Turbo has learned how to go up stairs (usually leaping), how to be a total couch potato (although he prefers his dog bed), squirrels are fun to chase, the dog park has lots of fun playmates, slippers and rolls of paper towels are fun to play with and Jacki (our Basenji) makes a great snuggle companion.

Dr. Paul said Turbo did really well during the operation. I took him home the same day. Jacki missed him all day long and gave him a good once over when he got home. Then they settled down together and slept. We will next be enrolling in training class as soon as one is available.

Thank you again for your help and encouragement. Turbo was a boy without a home and according to Patricia they had doubts about him. I am very pleased that our paths crossed and that he is now a part of our family.