About Cee Bar...

Just wanted to let you know how our baby is doing. After living with her for a while Bar Bar just wasn't the right name and she became Grace.

She's such a beautiful, refined, well mannered dog I can tell you worked with her . She does not beg or bother you when you have food, knows the word NO, knows wait, and go to bed. She hasn't tried to get on any furniture yet but it's OK with me if she does. She loves her stuffies and squeakies and gets along with everyone and every dog!

grace - resting peacefullyShe's been to the vet, had her teeth cleaned and is on Amoxicillan for a little gum infection. She's had a round of Panacur for Giardia and hookworms with a repeat in three weeks.




Check out the pics.
Is it a dog ... or is a big black and white cockroach :-)

Grace - sleeping

The name Grace definitely fits; such a beautiful , refined, ... goofball! I get the giggles every night when she flips over on her back and snores :-) Forgot dogs could be so entertaining.

Thanks again, Charla