I just LOVE my new dog. His new name is "Anubis" after the Egyptian jackel god. He gets along great with my other two dogs and even the cat!

He is almost fully house broken and no longer jumps up on furniture and he is such a love bug! He prefers cuddling and being petted to eating, so I have to sit near him while he eats or he has to come find me!

I have had no trouble with him trying to run out the door or tying to get out of the yard, he is much more interested in being near me that barking at the dogs that walk by outside my fence (as my other lurcher likes to do). He is taking hints from the other dogs and likes the bed I got him (which is like theirs) in my bedroom.

I have ordered him a new color like the one he has, but it hasn't arrived yet. He eats well (while I'm with him) and enjoys playing in the yard with the other dogs!

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, he has brought so much joy and aliveness into my life with my kids gone, I cannot even put it into words. My friends are probably sick of me talking about how wonderful he is! And he is so beautiful!