About Megan, Now Gwynevere...

Update 04/07 - A Fantastic Success Story!

Gwynevere with her proud mom and dadMeet Gwynever: a young female Greyhound, non track rescue. She was rescued from the high desert by Greyhound Adoption Center, along with her two siblings. They avoided a trip to the animal shelter and were brought to us.

This young lady (the former Megan) was adopted by a young couple in Northern California and she was given an ILP number (which you can get for any non registered purebred performance dog), and entered in a lure course this weekend ( April 21).

There were many dogs, and many sighthound breeds, including Rhodesians, Basenjis, Afghans,Salukis, Borzoi, and Whippet.

Gwynevere wearing her ribbonMegan is sporting her "BEST IN FIELD" ribbon. She probably has no idea that she won, she does know that she had fun. So did mom and dad, and the rest of us, a little rainy, but good weather for running.

Congrats to Gwen and her mom and dad.
If you would like to know how to participate with your sight hound, please contact Patricia at 909 795 4867, or contact your local sight hound club and ask about their practice and meet schedules. Most are posted online.

Update 07/06

Hello – I just wanted to let you know that Gwynevere (formerly Megan) is doing so well!  We have completed basic training (with flying colors!) and have signed up for the intermediate training class next.  She is a happy, curious, silly, affectionate girl and we are really enjoying her.  She is very healthy and active, developing really nice muscles and exercising a lot.  As you had said, that little raw tip of her tail healed perfectly and looks great now.

We have taken her to a couple of lure coursing events and after figuring out what the lure was all about she was off and running.  She definitely took to it.  We’ve gotten her ILP number so we will be thinking about entering her as JC – but we’re not pushing her.  If she enjoys it and wants to do it, then we will certainly support it! 

Have her sisters found forever-homes?  We think of them often and wonder where they ended up.  I must say, Gwynevere is so unique and fun that I’m beginning to think I love the greyhounds bred for coursing – it is nice to have a curious, brave, assertive young lady.  She is rough-and-tumble with the other dogs, enjoys playing, and takes care of herself.  We have a wonderful grassy enclosed field and she really is in her element when she can run in there.

Thanks for your help and I just wanted to let you know how well things are in San Francisco.

Megan's New Life in SF!

We wanted to let you know that we had a successful and great ride home to San Francisco with our new beautiful girl!

She was wonderful in the car and lay down comfortably for most of the time. We stopped several times along the way for water, a stretch of the legs, a walk in the grass. She slept through the night peacefully in her new crate and we only heard a few little dreaming whimpers. We went on a very long walk this morning through some of our neighborhood parks and the Presidio (lots of nice wooded footpaths).

We are working on Obedience classes and have contacted some of the greyhound folks to see if they recommend any particular trainers with sighthound- experience.

Thank you so much for letting us have such a beautiful and wonderful addition to our little family. We are thrilled and can’t wait to give her the best possible love and care!

Tamara and Stefan