About Sonya..

We just wanted to give you an update on Sonya, our greyhound.

We adopted her on August 5th. We decided to name her Trixie.


You were absolutely correct- she is perfect! We brought her home to meet our basenji, Foxxy, and they hit it off immediately (and that says alot because our basenji is no angel!).

Trixie settled in beautifully. She learned the doggie door and was house-trained within a few days. We enrolled in an obedience class and she is doing terrific. She is even giving some of the border collies a run for their money on long down stays! She also did great in beginning agility.Most of all, she is a wonderful house pet and snuggler! We love her dearly. Thank you so much!

Here is a snapshot of Trixie in her favorite chair, we'll send a family photo in the next few days (we haven't had much luck getting a good one).

Trixie in her favorite chair

The Muxworthy's
(Steph, Chad, Ryan, Foxxy, and Trixie)