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Devo - CEO and office dog of Whippet RescueEvery breed is special, but some are more so than others. This is where we feature our special needs dogs, and gaze hounds.

As representatives of the Southern California Whippet Association (S.C.W.A.), we have successfully placed 38 whippets over the last year...and 25 the year before. (See our 2003 SCWA Rescue Report)

pile o hounds
Whippets and Greyhounds like to snuggle - perhaps too much!


Many whippets are adopted directly from applications that we keep on file. These whippets never make it to this web page.
The whippet on the right was never on the web site - and was recently placed with an applicant we had on file.

Sending in an application form is very important if you are seriously looking for a sighthound to adopt.

Adoptable Sight Hounds

If you are interested in a whippet, greyhound, or other sight-hound, please fill out an application form and contact us. ALL Whippet adoptions begin with an application.  

Read this amazing Greyhound success story about Gwynevere...


We do have sitehounds available. See our available dogs by going to  and entering this zip code: 92399.

For the moment, we are not posting photos and bios on this web site.



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