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The All Breed Memorial Site

This section is a memorial for all of the dogs (and very special people) who have passed over the rainbow bridge to wait for us on the other side...

If you have a special dog or dog lover who you would like to list on this site, send your story to

- Tanner Whippet
- Desilu
- Patricia Shriner
- Eva Shestople
- Devo Whippet
- Amadeus
- Bogey
- Micah
- Sierra
- Bobaloo of Oakhouse (Pepper)
- Max
- Grace Gallas
- Cecils
- Xocolatl
- Allesandro
- Barbara Redman
- Devo
- Shadow
- Brandi
- Pat Feeney and Muffin
- Nutmeg
- Uncle Blue
- Nick
- Blizzard
- Chevy
- John John
- Tina Whippet

Memorial Donations...

If you have a special rescue dog, or person, please consider a dontation to All Breed in their memory. These donations help us rescue more dogs and make their stay here comfortable.

  • Nick Shestople donated $100 in memory of his wife, Eva.

  • C. L. Emery has donated $50.00 in memory of his beloved whippet "Devo"

  • James and Gail Vernon have donated $25- in memory of Sandy the beloved adopted daschund of Susan Hall.

  • Many folks have made generous donations in memory of Barbara Redmond...


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